Op UNIFIER Roto 3 US-Canada Powerlifting Competition

By Maj Chris Hartwick

Six soldiers from Joint Task Force Ukraine (JTF-U) participated in a friendly powerlifting competition on 24/25 April 2017. Two of the six were officers from 2 PPCLI, Maj Chris Hartwick and Lt Marek Sadovsky, both from Line of Effort 1 (LoE 1).  In order to work around ongoing training and operations, the competition was split into two days so all who were interested could participate. Most of the 24 participants completed the bench press and back squats on day one, followed by deadlifts on day two. The competition was hosted in the Canadian gym and spectators where welcome. All six Canadians were within the top three of their heat and the results can be seen below. This competition was one example of the ways JTF-U is working to enhance relationships between their allies in the Ukraine when not training in the field.

Competition Results:
Overall: 2nd-Cpl G (Sigs) (335lbs Bench, 345lbs Back Squat, and 425lbs Deadlift)
Super Light Weight: 1st-Tpr W (LdSH), 2nd-Tpr H (LdSH)
Light Weight: 1st-Cpl G (Sigs), 2nd- Lt Sadovsky (2 PPCLI)
Heavy Weight: 2nd-Tpr S (LdSH), 3rd- Maj Hartwick (2 PPCLI)