The Family Support Troop


Dear Strathcona Families

Families of serving members are often presented with unique challenges; relocation, prolonged absences, and atypical work experiences are but a few.  Your Regiment recognizes the burdens of military service on families and intends to mitigate stress to the greatest extent possible.  

The purpose of the Strathcona Family Support Troop (FST) website is to provide reference materials and tools to Strathcona families in an attempt to reduce the amount of anxiety experienced when your significant other is deployed on combat or humanitarian operations, training missions or on extended courses or tasks. 

Although we can not alleviate all of your concerns, we do hope that you will have a better understanding of the resources available to you.  Please take the time to review the Deployed Families Handbook ( and the Support Contacts and Resources page (

The Strathcona FST assists Strathcona soldiers and their families to facilitate a strong and committed family life.  Although we aim the majority of our efforts towards families posted to the Regiment, we are looking to support those families who are posted in the local area, when possible.


The Troop helps by providing:

  •      Family Day Events;
  •      Special Regimental Event Babysitting Services;
  •      Emergency Child Care Services;
  •      Toy/Movie Drives & Nights;
  •      Referral and Counselling Services;
  •      ‘Taste of Home’ for Deployed Soldiers; and
  •      Deployed Family Support.


It is important to remember that although we do have a Regimental Padre available for consultations and guidance, the majority our staff members are qualified soldiers who are working to provide you the best services within our own capacity and are looking for your support.  In an attempt to update our systems we have created a new Strathcona FST Family Info Form to strengthen our ability to communicate with and to assist you.  Please fill out the form in its entirety and return it to the FST Office so we can update our files


Whether the Regiment is deployed or at garrison, the Strathcona Family Support Troop remains vigilant.  You are not alone!


Strathcona Family Support Troop