Captain P.A. Buckingham

2IC Headquarters Squadron


Captain Philip “Buck” Buckingham was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and Joined the CAF in 2008 under the DEO program.  He completed his phase training and was affiliated to Lord Strathcona;s Horse (Royal Canadians) in August 2010.

During his first Regimental tour he was employed as the Ops 2, while on Tank Troop Leader training, prior to being promoted to Lieutenant and assuming command of the Strathcona Ceremonial Mounted Troop.  As the Mounted Troop Leader, Capt Buckingham toured Western Canada with the Strathcona Musical Ride, before taking over 2nd Tp, A Sqn, in 2012, as Tank Troop Leader.  Following multiple national level exercises and a deployment on Op LENTUS in 2013, he was posted in July of the same year to the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School (RCACS) where he instructed on multiple courses, ranging from Armoured Troop Warrant (ATW) and Armoured Troop Leader (ATL).  Upon completion of AOC in 2016, he was posted back to Edmonton in July of 2016.

On returning to the Regiment, he was employed as the Regimental Training Officer before being selected to deploy to Poland with 3rd Bn, PPCLI, where he was employed as the Operations Officer for Op REASSURANCE, Roto 7.  Upon his return to Canada in September of 2017, he was employed as 2IC Recce Sqn where he participated in Ex COMMON GROUND, Ex IRON RAM, Ex STEELE SABRE, EX STRONG CONTENDER, Ex VIRTUAL RAM, and Joint War Fighter (JWA) in Grafenwohr, Germany.   

Philip, better known as “Buck”, when not working, enjoys travelling, canoeing, sailing, downhill and cross-country skiing, woodworking and other hobbies he is able to afford, due to being unmarried with no dependants.