As the Historic Vehicle Troop is a group formed under the Regimental Society, a charitable organization, and not the Serving Regiment, troop vehicles are able to participate in a variety of functions and events. From movie props, parade participation and fundraising car-crushes, the volunteers have given the public the opportunity to experience a bit of history; up close and personal.

The Historic Vehicle Troop continues to support the community through a variety of public and charitable events. The Troop continues to bring forth a piece of living history to the public through private industry sponsorship.


The current collection includes a 1950's Sherman M4A3E8 tank (called Catherine), a 1950's Centurion mk III (named Alberta), four 1950's Ferret Scout cars (we call them Dagger, Drumheller, Dieppe and Dictator), and a 1969 FMC Lynx Tracked Reconnaissance Carrier (dubbed Dervish). Our collection is rounded off with several soft skin wheeled vehicles that include a1944 CMP artillery tractor (nicknamed a Fat-4), a1943 Harley Davidson WLC dispatch motorcycle (yet to be christened), a 1958 Dodge M37 cargo truck and saving the biggest for last, a 1962 5ton/M810 Wrecker. New additions include a 1968 FMC M113A3 Armoured Personnel Carrier.

Several other hulks await our attention including a pair of 1979 5/4ton Chevy cargo trucks, a 1943 Ford CMP cargo truck, a 1979 Leopard C1 MBT, a 1945 Russian T34/85 and a 5ton/M810 cargo truck. Some vehicles still on the way include two 1978 GM-built Cougar AVGPs, a 1996 Leopard C2 tank (currently in service) and a 1945 Universal Carrier mk II.

This past year saw major changes to our organization. We moved into our own hanger space that allowed the collection to be massed and more easily cared for. We saw our volunteer base grow to an unexpected 23 crewman of various ranks, all-eager to get out and do something out of the ordinary (most of our parents were children when the vehicles were built). Most notably this year, we have continued our self-education by taking on the restoration of a 1944 Universal Carrier mk II for the Loyal Edmonton Regiment.


Historical Vehicle Troop News


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The Strathcona's helped their fellow Black Hats the British Colombia Dragoons celebrate their 100th Anniversary in style by providing Catherine...
Historical Vehicle Troop Spring 2011Thursday, May 5, 2011
As Historical Vehicle Troop closed out 2010, we saw a new project get underway. The removal of “Spartan” the Sherman.