Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)

Association Headquarters Information


1.    Official Name. The official Name of the Association is “Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Association. The shortened versions are “Strathcona’s Regimental Association” or “Strathcona’s Association”.


2.    Association Mailing Address:

            Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians)
            Regimental Association
            Box 30004 Chinook RPO

            Calgary, Alberta T2H 2V8


3.    E-Mail Address: association@strathconas.ca


4.    Organization. The organization of the Strathcona’s Association consists of a national headquarters with individual membership across the various branches.


5.    National Executive Headquarters         

         President - Brad Norman - 403-988-5813
         Vice President - Ken Huff - 587-436-3565
         2nd Vice President - Tom Falls - 780-756-6020
         Secretary - John Senior - 780-201-0974
         Treasurer - Clair Lane - 403-289-2698
         Membership - Slider Welch -403-281-9017


6.    Services. The national executive provides the overall leadership and programs that link the membership. The President represents the Regimental Association as an observer at the Society Board Meetings and Society annual general meeting. The national executive maintains the membership list, collects annual dues, provides information of our activities in the Regimental Newsletter and the Strathconian and operates the national reunions every five years. It provides support to Cadet Corps associated with the regimental family.


7.    Annual Membership Fee. The annual membership of the Regimental Association is $20.00 for each member. These funds cover the small administrative costs, national reunions and annual contributions to the museum, newsletter and sponsored cadet corps. An approximate breakdown of how a member’s annual memberships is used is as follows; $5.00 for mailing and administration, $5.00 to  support national reunions, $3.00 to the museum, $3.00 to the newsletter, $2.00 to the cadets and $2.00 miscellaneous.


8.    Membership Renewal Form. The membership campaign is undertaken in the late fall each year. The renewal form is can be filled out and mailed in along with the membership fee. Individuals can join at anytime.


9.     Strathcona’s Association History. Following World War I members of the Regiment held annual dinners in Winnipeg as a means of keeping in touch with one another, helping members as necessary, honouring the regiment’s glorious past and remembering fallen comrades. The group of former Strathcona’s in Winnipeg formed an association following World War II and continued gathering on various occasions until 1991. In 1970 it hosted the first ever national reunion in Winnipeg. In 1965 a group of former Strathcona’s formed an Association in Calgary upon the departure of the Regiment to North West Europe. National Reunions were held every five years in Calgary from1975 until 1995. In 2000 the reunion was hosted in Edmonton and has continued there ever since.


10.      Branches.  Association branches are formed, to help meet the Association's objectives in  those areas were members have chosen to retire or work. Some of these branches have established leadership and conduct regular meetings while others are less formal. Branches may or may not require their members to pay branch dues, however to be considered an ordinary member of the Regimental Association,  yearly dues must be paid.

With a HQ in Calgary the Association has branches in Calgary, Edmonton, Kingston, Ottawa, British Columbia/Victoria, and the Maritimes/Oromocto.


11.     2015 Reunion. The 2015 Reunion had to be postponed to a later date, which will be announced at a later date, but it will not be held in 2015. There are many factors involved in this decision but rest assured the Association's best interests were paramount. The executive will contact those individuals who had previously registered and your money returned to you. As mentioned in the Col of the Regiment's E news an event is still planned within regimental lines, in June 2015 and I am sure we will have an opportunity to rub shoulders with our Regiment and our old guard at that time.