Warrant Officer SR Churchill

Operations Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer Churchill was born in Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland, on June 7, 1977. He began his military career in June, 1995 at the age of 18 as a reservist infantryman with the 1st Battalion Royal Newfoundland Regiment. In January 1997, he transferred to the regular forces as a crewman. He completed Battle School and Primary Combat Function training in CFB Wainwright, and was posted to the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in 1998.

WO Churchill started his regimental life as a Coyote driver in 3 Troop, Recce Squadron, deploying in this position to Kosovo in 1999 as part of Operation KINETIC. On his return to Canada, he completed a multitude of courses, including Coyote Surveillance, Armour Support Trooper and Leopard C2 gunner course.  After gaining experience in various positions within a reconnaissance troop, he moved to Assault Troop where he spent the next year prior to his transfer to B Squadron in 2001.

As a member of B Squadron, WO Churchill deployed on Operation PALLADIUM in Bosnia, Herzegovina in 2002. Upon return, he remained in B Squadron as the Officer in Command’s driver and was subsequently posted to CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick. As a member in the Royal Canadian Armour School, he was employed as a driver, both in Regimental Headquarters (RHQ), and as the Commanding Officer’s driver. Eventually, he became an instructor in C Squadron. During his posting, he completed a multitude of courses such as Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ), Armoured Recce Crew Commander (ARCC), and Leopard C2 Crew Commander (LEO C2 CC) prior to his posting back to the Regiment in 2008.

On return to the Regiment, he was employed as a Leo C2 CC (23B) and completed his training on the Leo 2 A6M in Munster, Germany. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 - 2010 and on his return, he maintained several troop Sgts positions before being transferred to RHQ and the Regimental Training Warrant Officer. In RHQ he completed his Armour Recce Troop Warrant course in CFB Gagetown in 2011 and was transferred from RHQ to B Squadron as a Troop WO (23A).

In 2012, upon transfer to B Squadron, he maintained his position as Troop WO until 2013 at which time he became the Squadron Quartermaster for B Squadron until the summer of 2015. In August of 2015, he was posted to the French Language School in Edmonton. On successful completion of his second language training, he was then appointed as the Regimental Operations Warrant Officer (Ops WO) in July of 2016.

WO Churchill has a very happy family life and enjoys spending time with his two girls, Emily and Brennagh, and his fiancée Amanda. In his leisure time, he is an avid fisherman and enjoys nothing more than spending the day on the lake.