1813 Cranbrook Cadet Corp

Cranbrook, British Columbia


For more information please call (250) 426-2126 or contact 1813armycadetparentsociety@gmail.com 

or contact:

Lieutenant Erika Nickel-Thibodeau

Commanding Officer

#1813 LdSH(RC) RCAC

1305 1st St. South

Cranbrook, BC  V1C 7J6


Phone:  250-464-5365


Parade on Tuesdays from 6-9pm at Kennedy Hall 1305 1st Street South Cranbrook BC V1C 7H6.


The 1813 (Lord Strathcona Horse) Army Cadets Celebrate 70 years In Cranbrook


On June 2, 2011 the Army Cadet movement will have been active in Cranbrook for 70 years. This makes the 1813 Lord Strathcona Horse one of the oldest Cadet Corps in BC. We proudly call ourselves The Fort Steele Company after Sam Steele, the name sake of Fort Steele and the first commanding officer of the cavalry unit Lord Strathcona's Horse.
In 1956 the formal name “1813 Cranbrook Army Cadet Corp” was formally adopted. Through the years the affiliation has changed and in 1983 the Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) affiliation was formally adopted.
One thing that remains the same over the years is the dedication of the Adult leaders to the youth of Cranbrook and surrounding area. The past, and current, commanding officers of the program include many well known residents from our area including: Captain W.L. Irvine, Captain O.C. Anderson, Major Colin Anderson CD, Captain Gooderham, Captain Don E. Sharp, Captain Jim Kennedy, Lieutenant Burns, Captain Gordon Mudie, Captain Rick Demchuck, and Captain Dina Gri the present Commanding Officer.
In May of 1997 the Korea Veterans Association of Canada Inc., East Kootenay Unit 36 took over the sponsorship of the Cadet Corps. At this time the Corps had lost its accommodation because of the extension of 9th Avenue through to Van Horne Street. East Kootenay Unit 36 made every effort to find a suitable accommodation for the Cadet Corps. The Korea Veterans Association located a hall and purchased the building for the Cadets. Since the Cranbrook Armouries closed down in 1968 the Cadets had been moved to numerous buildings, to quote J.P. Kennedy “shunted from pillar to post” , never having a permanent home. Over the years the Cadets have paraded in numerous buildings and facilities including the Legion, the School Annex, Tembec Building (then Crestbrook Forest Industries), the basement of Shot Gun Willies, the old Furniture Warehouse, and, before Kennedy Hall, ended up parading at St. Mary‘s School and having a office on 6th Avenue, in the Red Cross Building, and storage, at Williams Moving and Storage, in the Industrial Park. It required almost four nights a week to run the Cadet Program with training, supply, drill and optional activities all at different locations.
In November 2003, after years of transitioning, the Korean Veterans Association assisted in the purchase of the now named Kennedy Hall to the 1813 Army Cadet Sponsoring Committee. The hall was named after, not only, Trooper John E. Kennedy, Strathcona Horse, Boer War; also Lieutenant Colonel P.J.W. Kennedy, MBE, ED. World War I; Captain J.P Kennedy, CD, CO LdSH(RC) RCACC (Korea) and Captain E.F Kennedy LdSH(RC), Bosnia, Kosovo.

The name Kennedy Hall was chosen by the very Cadets who immediately benefited by the building. The Cadets were provided with a variety names of past Commanding officers, local dignitaries, such as Colonel Sam Steele, Sergeant Richardson- first Strathcona to receive a Victoria Cross, and others who were ex-members of the Regiment or members of the community who have supported or were actively involved with the Cadet Corps. This list was narrowed to eight names and from there the vote took place. By a democratic vote the name Kennedy Hall was chosen.
The Army Cadet program is a free program for youth 12-19. Though we do receive funding from the Department of National Defence for items such uniforms, some training aids and access to supplies held at Cadet Camps, we are not a military organization, nor are the Cadets expected to join the reserves or regular forces. The Sponsoring committee, a volunteer group of parents, guardians’ and community members, coordinate all funds required to sustain the program through fundraisers, grants and donations.
There is a heavy emphasis on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Many of the lessons within the program are geared towards community service, leadership training, and wilderness survival; this includes lessons in first aid, map and compass reading, and building shelters out of fallen trees. The Cadet has the option of completing the Duke of Edinburgh program, which is a self guided program that consists of fitness, community service, education, and adventure. A Cadet can also earn high school credits through the Cadet program!
The 1813 Army Cadets also have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and be in the Pipe and Drum band. The Cadet also has the opportunity to not only go to a camp each spring and summer- at no cost, but also have the opportunity to go on an “Outward Bound Expedition”. On an Outward Bound Expedition they could go to Wales, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland or Mount Everest. There truly is no limit to what a Cadet can achieve!
The public is invited to attend the Annual Cadet Review in June 4, 2011 at the Cranbrook Curling Club. The Reviewing Officer for this year will be the Honourable Bill Bennett, MLA Kootenay-East. The Annual Cadet Review will commence at 2:00PM, so we ask that the attendees be seated by 1:45PM.
We thank the community for all of the support we have received over the years, without your support, the 1813 Army Cadet organization could not continue to exist. Please visit our Facebook page to see the full list of supporters for 2010/2011 year.
To find out more information about what the 1813 Army Cadets do , please call Stacey at 250-489-5767, or email 1813armycadetparentsociety@gmail.com . Visit our FaceBook page at 1813 Lord Strathcona Army Cadets- Cranbrook, or stop by Kennedy Hall, 1305 1st Street South Cranbrook, any Tuesday from September to the end of June. We would also like to invite all past Cadets, Commanding Officers, and Adult leaders to contact us, and share their memories with us.


Shane Nickel-Thibodeau
2016-09-03 21:10:48

Ocdt Nickel Thibodeau is now a lieutenant

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2016-09-06 08:45:02

Thank you for letting us know. We have made the correction.