Master Warrant Officer M.A.R. Chenier

Technical Quartermaster Sergeant

Master Warrant Officer (MWO) Chenier was born in London, Ontario, on 15 December 1969 and began his military career on 2 March 1989 at the age of 18.  After completing basic training in Cornwallis and trades training in CTC Gagetown, he arrived at the Regiment in September 1989 as a Cougar gunner in A Squadron.

1993-1994 were two very busy years for MWO Chenier.  He was promoted to Corporal and served on two UN peacekeeping missions in quick succession, the first of which was in Cambodia with UNTAC and in Bosnia with UNPROFOR.  Upon return to Canada, MWO Chenier spent the next five years in Headquarters Squadron where he made the move from Calgary to Edmonton with the Regiment.  In those five years, he was employed as a truck driver, the regimental dispatcher, an ambulance driver (where he deployed to Bosnia with SFOR 1997-1998), and as a combat storeman.  After serving with Headquarters Squadron, MWO Chenier moved to B Squadron in 1999 and deployed twice more with SFOR to Bosnia (1999-2000 and 2002-2003), both times as a Coyote gunner.  He was promoted to Master Corporal in 2003 and completed his Advanced Armour Gunner course in 2004.

MWO Chenier was posted to the Royal Canadian Armour Corps School from 2005-2008.  During those years, he trained new drivers on the Leopard C2 tank and taught armoured gunnery on all vehicle platforms.  Promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2006, he mentored junior crew commanders.  In 2007, MWO Chenier had the privilege of being part of the Leopard 2 Initial Cadre Training in the Netherlands and spent seven months in Munster, Germany, training drivers on the newly acquired Leopard 2A4 and A6M tanks.

MWO Chenier returned to the Regiment in 2008 and was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer in 2009.  He deployed for his sixth tour overseas, this time to Afghanistan with Task Force 3-09 as a tank commander and Troop WO of 3 Troop, B Squadron.  Upon his return to Canada, MWO Chenier held many positions over the next two years such as Squadron Quarter-Master Sergeant and Sergeant-Major of both Reconnaissance and Headquarters Squadron.  

MWO Chenier was promoted to his current rank January 2014.  He is married to Erin Janine Chenier and they are both blessed with three children: Iris Bryn, Maea Wren, and Liam Morgan; who are all either tenaciously stubborn or stubbornly tenacious, only time will tell.