Captain C.J. Ross


Joining the Army under the Regular Officer Training Plan in 2009, Captain Cameron Ross attended McMaster University and would graduate in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts Honours with a Major in Political Science. After completing both his Reconnaissance and Tank Troop Leader’s courses at the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School in Gagetown, NB, Captain Ross was badged as a Strathcona and was immediately posted to Edmonton.

In Edmonton, Captain Ross would spend two years as the Troop Leader for 1st Troop, B Squadron during two periods of high-readiness training, first with the Vandoos, and second with the Strathcona-led Battle Group.

Following this, Captain Ross spent a short time as the Regimental Gunnery Officer, but as deployments ramped up he was transferred over to the Assistant Adjutant position, before finally being appointed as the Adjutant proper once the Op UNIFIER deployment kicked-off in earnest. He spends most of his time now alternating between wondering how he got to this point in his life and wondering why you’re taking so much of an interest in reading about it.