Major A. Nitu

Officer Commanding B Squadron

Major Alex Nitu joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1998, initially as a Primary Reserve Infanteer NCM, before transferring to the Regular Force as an Armour Officer in 2003.  After phase training, he was badged and posted to Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians), and initially served as a Troop Leader in Recce Squadron.  With the deployment of tanks of Afghanistan in the summer of 2006, Captain Nitu was transferred to A Squadron as the Operational Reserve Troop leader for the initial two tank squadrons.  Early in 2007, he attended in the Urban Operation Instructor and Basic Demolitions course at the Infantry School;  a teaching skill-set which he was lucky enough to use frequently throughout his career. In May of 2007, he was assigned as Troop Leader in B Sqn as part of the 2 PPCLI Battle Group on Task Force 1-08.  Upon his return, he served as Regimental Training Officer, until his posting to the Armour School as an instructor in August 2009.  

At the Armour School, he initially taught on DP3B Troop Warrant courses and tank courses, as well as DP1.2 Armour Officer Troop Leader courses.  He became second-in-command of Standards Squadron in the summer of 2010, which oversaw training delivery and coordinated technical/tactical projects, such as LAV 6.0 trails.  

In May of 2011, he returned to the Regiment as Battle Captain of Recce Squadron.  During that time he worked with Squadron leadership to plan and deliver tactically relevant and soldier-challenging training, to include Urban Operations training with EPS Tactical and initiating a Reciprocal Unit Exchange with 4th Squadron/3rd Cavalry of the US Army.  In 2013, he was appointed Second-in-Command Recce Squadron, which was followed by the Army Operations Course, and French Language Training.  He was subsequently appointed Regimental Ops O, and in in the Summer of 2015, was made the 1CMBG (Brigade) G3 Ops.

He is married to Stacy Hatt, and they have two daughters, Livia Nitu and Gwen Nitu.