Canadian Pacific (CP) & Strathcona Student Scholarship Program 2014

Captain Joseph Monroe & Lieutenant Shaun Rogozinski

Over the last few months, Canadian Pacific and the Strathcona Society have combed through numerous applications for the 2014 Canadian Pacific – Strathcona Society Scholarship bursary.  The Strathcona’s strong connection to Canadian Pacific has continually been beneficial to both organizations, through increased awareness of issues facing military members and supporting the families of those in uniform.

 It is a great honour to congratulate the three recipients of this year’s scholarship.  Mr. George Biener received $5,000 from Lieutenant-Colonel Josh Major on the sports field after this year’s first Command Team Challenge in Edmonton, AB.  Ms. Megan Hoppe was presented $2,500 from Brigadier-General (Ret’d) Craig Hilton in the Fort Frontenac Officers' Mess at CFB Kingston.  Ms. Leigh Hunter accepted her $2,500 cheque from Major Dan Hone at the Royal Canadian Armour Corps School at CTC Gagetown. 


These successful applicants were chosen by a panel consisting of members from the Strathcona’s Society, Association, and Canadian Pacific.  The primary criteria for their selection were based upon their familial connection to the Strathcona’s, academic standing, academic and career goals, community service, and financial need.  George, Megan, and Leigh’s applications were weighed against the other numerous applicants and they can be proud that their Regiment will continue to support them.

We wish to reach out to as many people as possible in the Strathcona family.  Since Strathconas and their families are spread all across Canada, we encourage all serving and retired members to pass this on to their loved ones that are pursuing higher education.  Please see the following eligibility:

1.    The parent or spouse of the applicant for post-secondary scholarship applicant must be currently badged or have retired as a Strathcona, or, in the case of support trades, the soldier must be on Regimental strength at the time of the application;
2.    The children and spouses of all Strathconas are eligible for post-secondary scholarship, regardless of their place of employment;
3.    Evidence of enrolment in a qualified post-secondary educational institution for the application term must be provided;
4.    Individuals who have received a scholarship are not eligible to re-apply in subsequent years;
5.    The applicant undertakes that the information contained in their application is correct and true to the best of the applicant’s knowledge.  
6.    The applicant also understands that the Society retains the right to reject applications based upon eligibility criteria and that the Society has no obligation to grant awards if not warranted in the sole opinion of the selection panel.

As Canadian Pacific and the Strathcona Society will continue to offer this scholarship in the future, we request that all applications be received no later than 30 April of each year.  More information can be found on the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Society Website at 


Once again, congratulations to George, Megan, and Leigh as this year’s deserving recipients.