Padre Kim’s Cogitatio on New Year’s Resolutions

January, 2017


At this time of year New Year’s resolutions would have already been made. Planning New Year’s resolutions may turn out to be, perhaps, just a waste of time, as some perceive it, but only if, if I argue, nothing has been done at the end of a year. There is nothing wrong or even wasting in wishing, pondering and planning ahead about something to be done.

Some resolutions are commonly shared, and here are some examples: fit in fitness or lose weight, quit smoking / drinking, pay off debts, spend qualitative time with family and friends, and learn something new. If New Year’s resolutions are all about our “determination,” whether it be just for fun or a serious attempt, and if the process of being determined is as important as some tangible outcomes of our resolutions, it should be worth having New Year’s resolutions.  

Being determined, however, is an issue. It’s universal. There is a saying in Korea which says, “Determined for only 3 days.” It would be equivalent to say in English, “He can’t stick to anything.” After all, persistence in self-discipline is what is required.

Members in our Regiment are ready to deploy this year—to Ukraine, Latvia, Iraq, Kuwait, etc. No matter where we are, whether being deployed or not, being determined and persistent is a great asset for self and our Regiment, and thus for the Canadian Armed Forces. Pondering on New Year’s resolutions reminds us of this value. Perhaps, “being more determined and persistent” should be part of our New Year’s resolutions.