Padre Kim’s Cogitatio on Remembering Soldiers

November, 2016


November is the month of our solemn remembrance. Starting from the last Friday of October we wear poppies in our communal gesture to pay grateful tribute to the Canadian men and women, including our comrades Tpr Hayakaze and Cpl Hornburg, who gave their lives for Canada and for the freedom of the world.

Their sacrifices will not be forgotten, and in our Regiment we will participate in numerous Remembrance Day events, starting from No Stone Left Alone on 7 Nov this year. As Regimental Padre, I will have privileges to offer prayers at the ceremonies that I will participate in, and through this website I’d like to take opportunities to invite you to join me in prayer. You may pray with me according to your faith or your tradition, or to take a moment for mediation.

Lord God, be with us as we pay tribute to those who gave their lives on the battlefields. We remember in gratitude the great courage and selfless service of so many brave men and women who answered the call to serve in uniform. We remember with grateful hearts their honorable sacrifice for peace and freedom of others near and far.

Comfort the families who mourn the loss of loved ones. Sustain them through their pains and in time of need spiritually and emotionally. Comfort those who bear the scars of war, who suffer injuries as a result of serving our country in the military.

We ask you to guide us by your wisdom and spirit, that we may seek together to uphold peace and justice, truth and faithfulness in our land. Direct the hearts and minds of those who have in their hands the government of our country and people, that together with them we may seek the welfare of all Canadians, the peace and freedom of the world, to the glory and honour of Your holy name. Amen.