Warrant Officer M.M.C. Parent

Squadron Sergeant Major HQ SqN

Warrant Officer Parent was born in Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, Quebec, on the 9 January 1980 and began her military career in July 1999 at the age of 19. She completed Basic training at CFLRS in Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, and she later completed Battle school in Valcartier, Quebec in December 1999 before being posted to A Sqn, 12e RBC.

After arriving to the Regiment, WO Parent completed her first PCF course and was employed as a Coyote driver. The following year she was transferred to B Sqn and was qualified as a Tank driver and deployed to Fort Hood, Texas in exchange with the 2-12th Cavalry. In the following years she was qualified as a gunner and loader on the Leopard C2 and the M-113 family where she was employed in various positions. In these roles, she deployed on several major exercises across the country to include: LION INTREPIDE, SABRE AUCLAIR, LION BAROUDEUR and HANNIBAL TREMPÉ.

 In 2003, WO Parent transferred to Recce Sqn in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan with the 3e R22R BG. She left for her first deployment in January 2004 in Kabul as a combat storesman. Upon redeployment to Canada, she was employed as a Coyote gunner until she completed her PLQ-Army in 2005.

In 2007, WO Parent successfully passed her Armoured Recce Crew Commander course. Shortly after, she was employed as a crew commander with the 2 PPCLI BG in 2008 to Kandahar, Afghanistan on roto 5. She participated in several major operations with different nations during the deployment. Upon her redeployment, she was employed in Recce Sqn as a Ptl Cmdr until her posting to CFLRS which was accompanied by a promotion to Sgt in July 2009.
During this posting, she was employed as a recruit instructor and platoon 2IC for the first two years, followed by a year in GMT-I (general military technique-Instructor). During that posting, she completed her ATW (Armoured Troop Warrant) course.

In July 2012, WO Parent rebadged LdSH(RC) and was posted to Edmonton to focus on her second language profile and return to her first love, Leopard tanks. In January 2013, she was promoted to the rank of WO and was assigned to a new troop as Tp WO. She participated in Exercises STEELE SABRE, PROMETHEAN RAM and MAPLE RESOLVE as part of 1 PPCLI BG, as well as a part of OP LENTUS for the flooding in Medicine Hat in 2014.

In the summer of 2014 WO Parent was transferred to the Recce Sqn Ops WO position and deployed on OP NANOOK in Iqaluit, Nunavut with 430 TAC HEL Sqn. She was employed as the BG ISTAR WO on EX STEELE SABRE. In July 2015, she was transferred to SQMS, Recce Sqn and supported the deployment of the same to OP LENTUS during the summer of 2015. During that time, she also participated in 3PPCLI training for the US RANGER and PATHFINDER courses as a candidate.
WO Parent was the PMC of the NCO’s Regimental mess throughout this time and she participated in the official Government of Canada ceremonies commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and Beaumont-Hamel in France as a Guard WO within the contingent.

WO Parent became the Transport WO in July 2016 and supported the Regimental deployment to Wainwright on EX STEELE PANTHER in this role, as well as several PCF courses as Course WO. In December 2016, she started her preparation for her third deployment as a part of OP UNIFIER in Ukraine as a CQMS. Shortly after her return home, she was deployed in Gagetown and Wainwright on her Armoured DP4 course. In January 2017, she became the Headquarters’ Squadron Sergeant-Major.

WO Parent has been married to her amazing husband since 2010 who is also in the military as an Infantryman with 3 PPCLI in Edmonton.