Unit Commendation


It was with the greatest of pleasure that I learned today that Her Excellency, the Governor General, has granted our Regiment a Canadian Forces Unit Commendation for “outstanding professionalism and dedication demonstrated by all ranks in response to the Aug 06 short notice Cdn Govt decision to add a tank capability to Joint Task Force Afghanistan”.


Having been with the Regiment in Wainwright when word was received that a squadron of tanks was required in Afghanistan almost immediately and, seeing the enthusiastic response by our men and women on the ground, I can tell all of you (without any sense of bias whatsoever, of course,) that such recognition was never more deserved. This is a proud day for all Strathconas no matter whether they are serving with the Regiment, on ERE, or retired. I especially want to remind all members of the Regimental family who wear the badges of Corps or Branches other than our Regimental badge that this is also recognition of your Herculean effort in getting the tanks ready to go into action fully serviceable and fully equipped. A great team and “Perseverance” carried the day in traditional Strathcona fashion.


Well done all.


Colonel John E. Roderick, CD (ret’d)
Colonel of the Regiment