Tree Planting Ceremony  - 6 June 2013

By Capt Michael Kaye


On 6 June 2013, the Armour School held a tree planting ceremony where a Red Maple tree was planted in memory of Cpl Jamie Steeves, who passed away on 31 May 2012, after a courageous battle with cancer.  It was a small gathering with Jamie’s widow, Jocelyn, in attendance along with an intimate group of soldiers that were close to Jamie.  Armour School leadership, to include the outgoing Cmdt, LCol James Malejczuk, the incoming Cmdt LCol John Andrews and the RSM CWO Walt Laughlin were in attendance for the unveiling.  In addition to the tree, a small monument was also erected to preserve Jamie’s memory as Armoured Soldiers will walk by it daily and be reminded of the excellent soldier and wonderful person he was. During the ceremony Jocelyn was invited to help with the final stages of planting the tree and unveiled the monument dedicated to Cpl Jamie Steeves.

In addition to the Tree Planting ceremony, the Armour School has recently implemented the Corporal Jamie Steeves Comradeship Award. The award was envisioned by the staff of the Armour School to honour the memory of an outstanding soldier and comrade. This award is presented to the DP1 Armour Reconnaissance Crewman graduate who best exemplifies the virtues of comradeship, teamwork, and good humour, as determined by the candidates themselves. The award is intended not only to recognize the elected graduate’s character but to perpetuate the memory of Jamie Steeves and the values he stood for. The first such award was awarded on serial 022 of the course in June 2013 to Tpr Matchett with Jocelyn in attendance.

Much like the comradeship award, the Red Maple tree in front of the Armour School will continue to grow and flourish in the memory of everyone that was affected by the loss of an exceptional soldier.