The Life and Times of 3rd Troop, C Sqn TF 1-09

By Tpr Justin Edwards, 3rd Troop Leader’s Gunner
20 October 2008

Hello, the following is an update on the “going’s-on” of 3 Troop. For those of you who do not know, we have been keeping busy out here in FOB Mas’um Ghar (MSG) acting as support for the Combat Team Commander’s Course (CTCC), for Ex REFLEXE RAPIDE and now Ex MAPLE GUARDIAN 0802.

Nearing the end of Ex REFLEXE RAPIDE, when not working on the tanks, we were kept busy with Troop Training activities like IED training, radio practice, sand box drills and weapons cleaning. Morale has been high and everyone has had a positive attitude, even when it was late, wet and cold. Even the weather has made a good show…except for one evening when we returned to FOB MSG from a late-night op to find the camp almost destroyed by an intense wind-storm. Sand and dirt was blowing at a near tornado-like velocity; so much so that it was almost impossible to see the soldier next to you, even with the huge halogen spotlights turned on. The large echelon vehicles were moved in front of the tents and living quarters as impromptu wind barricades but it was too late for the “blue rockets” as some of them took flight. Over a dozen tents were flattened and it was “all hands on deck” so that we could lash the tents and keep the FOB from blowing away. We spent the next few days rebuilding the camp to a state where we could leave it for a couple of days of well deserved rest and relaxation over the Thanksgiving weekend.

After returning from friends, family, turkey and porcelain, we finished repairing the damage done to the FOB and then moved on to improving our personal living spaces. After six weeks of living with a dirt floor, 3 Tp was allowed to assemble and install wooden flooring in our tent. After an afternoon of solid work, we now have a living space where we can walk around in our socks and relax up off the ground.

As we move into Ex MAPLE GUARDIAN we are focusing our energies on accomplishing this two week mission to the best of our abilities. Our thoughts go out to everyone at home; we’ll see you in two weeks. Until next time, have a good one!