By: Lt P.A. Buckingham, SMT Tp Ldr


This year Strathcona Mounted Troop began with ‘new blood’ joining the troop and commencing the Equine Course. Our dedicated group of instructors worked tirelessly to turn Armoured Soldiers into Mounted Cavalry.  In just three months the graduates earned their spurs and have gained a new appreciation for the history and heritage of the Regiment (as only someone who has developed saddle sores can!).


Although we are early into the 2011 ride season, SMT has already supplied a quarter-guard for Major-General Cam Ross (Retired), Vedettes for Moreuil Wood and a few mess dinners.  In April, a compliment of Horses assisted the Loyal Edmonton Regiment in celebrating ANZAC Day.  We also had an enjoyable visit from The Tofield 4-H Club, who came to the stables to watch a practice musical ride and cheer on out tent-pegging teams.  Sadly we don’t keep score until the Public events.


The Troop is looking forward to the Events in Calgary, at Spruce Meadows and the Stampede and a number of local events in the Edmonton area.  The Troop will be travelling West this year, putting on rides in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Vancouver for the PNE.  The dates of these events and more are available on the SMT calendar.  SMT is always looking for new events to attend, so if you would like a little bit of Cavalry History, drop us a line.  Our current schedule is listed as below, however dates are filling up quick so please get your bookings in quick.


Strathcona Business Luncheon; Edmonton Garrison Officers Mess; 3 Jun 2011
Crystal Kids; Edmonton AB; 4 Jun 2011
"National" Spruce Meadows; 7 – 12 June 2011   
"Continental" Spruce Meadows; 18 – 20 June 2011  
"Canada One" Spruce Meadows; 30 June - 3 July 2011      
"North American" Spruce Meadows; 6 – 10 July 2011   
Calgary Stampede; Calgary, AB July TBC      
Abbotsford Agri Fair; Abbotsford BC; 29 Jul- 1 Aug 2011
Chilliwack Exhibition; Chilliwack, BC; 6-8 Aug 2011     
Harvest Days Bon Accord AB; 14 Aug 2011
PNE; Vancouver, BC; Aug; TBC
St Albert 150th Anniversary; St Albert, AB; 27 – 28 Aug 2011   
Lakedell Agri Fair Pigeon Lake, AB; 3 Sep 2011