Springtime Activity

By: Lieutenant Stephen MacKillop
14 April 2010

Over the past year LdSH(RC) has contributed to both domestic and international operations. This spring suggests that there is more of the same in store for the Regiment. Here is a sampling of the upcoming challenges and opportunities for Regiment.

Regimental Headquarters is the coordination centre for LdSH(RC). Recently, however, under the leadership of Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Derek Macaulay it was deployed to British Columbia, to lead Task Force Vancouver on Operation Podium. LCol Macaulay and his RHQ staff successfully assisted the RCMP to provide security for the public during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. With the Olympic Games at a close, the RHQ is back in Garrison but continues to coordinate the tank and recce squadron requirements for operational deployment and garrison duties.

Prince of Wales Squadron is in final preparations before deploying overseas. Recently back from Exercise Maple Guardian, a confirmation exercise held in California, USA, this tank squadron is conducting the final theatre mission-specific training to deploy to Afghanistan and replace B Squadron.

B Squadron continues to enjoy success in Afghanistan. After a long and hard fought tour, the end is in sight and the soldiers are ready to be reunited with friends and family. After some well-deserved leave, we look forward to them rejoining the lines for the upcoming Change of Command parade.

C Squadron, recently back from Afghanistan, is supporting the senior officers next cycle of training for the Combat Team Commander’s Course in Wainwright, AB. There they will use the skills and experience from Afghanistan to train the senior officers in their next development cycle.

Recce Squadron is making more then a time-change in their lines. The Squadron assisted the RCMP with security for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and then the Paralympic games in a more limited capacity. Back in garrison, Recce Squadron is preparing for the Combat Team Commanders Course to train senior officers in their next stage of development. This course is a part of a training cycle to prepare Recce Squadron for a future deployment to Afghanistan.

Headquarters Squadron continues to provide logistic support to the fighting squadrons. During Operation Podium HQ Squadron was the backbone of the Task Force logistics for sustainment during the operation. Back in garrison, the Squadron is working tirelessly to ensure that the Leopard C2 and Coyote vehicles are ready for pre-deployment training and career courses.