Road to the Olympics: Phase 1.

By Lt Michael Kaye
1 October 2009


Recce Sqn now has momentum and we are moving toward the Olympic Games this winter in Vancouver. September has been a very busy and productive month for the Squadron. Much to Lt MacKillop’s delight, 41 troop leader was finally posted in and on 1 Sep 09, RHQ Recce troop 60 complete, joined Recce Sqn to take part in pre-deployment training as we work up for the 2010 Winter Games. With the Sqn back up to three troops, it was time to dive into some Individual Battle Task Standard Training.

September’s training kicked off with the Squadron heading out to the small arms ranges to conduct annual personal weapons tests 1, 2 and 3. It was a great opportunity to familiarize and sharpen the troops skills with the C-7 and for the troop leaders to be mentored by the senior NCO’s on how to run an Automated Target System (ATS) range. The following week the Squadron headed down to the always exciting gas hut where they would be reacquainted with WO Mayfield and CS Gas. The gas hut is a great place to polish up your chemical defence skills and clear out the sinus’ all in one morning.

Throughout the month, the Sqn continued to conduct routine refresher training on fieldcraft skills, navigation and weapons handling. During a Regimental parade, the CO took the time to recognize some of the soldiers for a job well done and to promote some deserving soldiers. This of course included Recce Squadron and the Regimental family would like to congratulate; Tpr Allman, Tpr Gagne, Tpr Morin, Cpl Fanni and MCpl Guilbeault on their recent promotions.

From 17 Sep to 25 Sep, Recce Sqn had the pleasure in taking part in one of the first major exercises leading to up to Olympics; Ex UNIFIED SENTINAL was a great opportunity to get a taste of what our roles will be in both Vancouver and Whistler. For those of us that will be attached to Task Force Whistler, it was also a great opportunity to create some cohesion with the 2PPCLI. There were multiple scenarios that put the brain into action as we typed away on our laptops. Some mistakes were made along the way but that is the point of an exercise like this, to learn from our mistakes. In the upcoming months Recce Sqn will stay on pace and be very busy ramping up for deployment with exercises in Wainwright, Revelstoke, Vancouver and Shilo.