Reno My Mariner Room

By Lt L.A. Burchell

After much deliberation and debates on whether or not the Mariner Room actually had lamps (which it very much does), plans were finally underway to renovate our beloved rest-easy.  The floors would be redone with a classy hardwood and the kitchen would receive new (and practical) tiles, cupboards, and countertops.  With the help of skillful hands and watchful eyes of the Regimental Carpenter, MCpl Stephen Hagerty, the space was transformed over two weeks into its present splendor.  The first challenge was to empty the Mariner room, a task taken on by only the toughest we have to offer.  Maj Mike Mallette, Capt Dave Williams, Capt James Anderson, Lt Jamie Brittain, Lt Laurel Burchell, and Lt Carter-Wright quickly had the room emptied of all furniture, collectables, photos, and even the flooring.  

Over the weekend numerous officers spent countless hours laying the flooring while others repainted.  Capt Phil Webster himself went so far as to make a personal appearance, dressed in the most functional of Panama hats and expensive Italian shoes on top of his normally dashing attire.  Next tile was laid; counter tops were built and sanded.  While the officers were channeling their inner Mikes Holmes, MCpl Hagerty measured, cut, planed, stained, and branded the distinctive cupboards that would soon be placed in the Mariner Room.  As the weekend drew to an end, it was quickly realized that things were progressing at a slower rate than anticipated.  

Now into the weekdays, Lt Carter-Wright and Capt Anderson continued to work with MCpl Hagerty through all of the more dirty jobs.  Those men had more patience than most as they diligently worked to grout the tile flooring, lay resin on the countertops, and tile a backsplash for the new kitchen.  The complete renovations took two weeks to complete and were finished just in time to unveil the new look during Change of Command activities in June.  Despite being behind schedule, the end product was well worth the wait and now the Mariner Room looks better than ever!