Recce Sqn Summer Adventure Training

By:  Trooper Anthony Ramdeen


This year, due to a host of different tasks, summer leave, and a domestic operation (flooding in Manitoba), Recce Sqn and the Regiment set out to conduct summer adventure training to build team cohesion, foster morale, and provide soldiers with a unique experience that is not common to all.

The first adventure training initiative for Recce Sqn was a Squadron minus deployment to a local paintball club where Troops competed against Troops in an effort to determine who possessed the best tactical skills at dismounted operations, who would throw caution into the wind in a mad dash through a hail of paintballs in an attempt to capture a flag, and who was content to sit back and “snipe” opponents while remaining free of welts caused by the paintballs.  The day of activity was completed funded by the Regiment and concluded with a BBQ feast.

The second phase of summer adventure training was based at the Regimental level and saw soldiers based out of Recce Squadron, B Squadron, and Headquarters Squadron departed on an adventure into the mountains of Western Alberta. Upon arrival in Hinton, the soldiers established accommodations in a forestry school dormitory, far better than most have become accustomed to in field deployments. Early the following morning, the troops departed to Grande Cache, Alberta, to participate in white water rafting and paintball. White water rafting was an experience to remember, as it was the first time for many soldiers. After doing some sight seeing down the river on their rafts, they ended up on a relatively calm straight of the Smoky River where a friendly competition involving water guns took place. There was no clear victor but everyone appeared to have an abundance of fun. The second day consisted of a hike up Mt. Louise to an elevation of 6, 000 feet above sea level. The trail that was taken was just over 5 Km long and took the group the majority of the day to complete as it was physically challenging to even the most physically fit of the soldiers. The view from the top of the mountain was definitely worth the intense hike up. Upon completion of the hike, the soldiers returned to the bus and made the long journey back to Edmonton. Everyone agreed that this was a very good learning experience and are all anxiously await their next opportunity to engage in these sorts of activities.