Pugil Fight

Lt. Cameron Ross

After thorough and rigorous bayonet training by the Regiment's premier Close Quarters Combat Instructor and A Squadron's own Second-in-Command, Capt James “He's off balance, kill him!” Anderson, the officers of the Regiment faced off against each other on the morning of August 26th armed with pugil sticks to prove not only their technical skills in close quarters fighting, but also warrior spirit, aggressiveness, and determination expected of a Canadian Armour Officer.  The matches first consisted of opponents alternating between being on the attack and being on the defence to practice their bayonet fighting techniques against a live enemy.  However, this quickly evolved into full-fledged duels inviting each soldier to attempt to utilize superior technique and raw aggression to achieve victory.  Though each fight brought forth its own share of cheering and shouts from the assembled crowd of blood-thirsty officers, each eagerly awaiting their own turn to fight, some bouts stood apart from the rest.

One of these was the very first bout of the “no holds barred” one-on-one fights where Capt Ali “Rudy” Raju called out B Squadron's Second-in-Command Capt Cam Meikle, despite the latter being twice as tall and having the reach to match.  Although the match itself was just as one-sided as one would expect, with Capt Raju being knocked to the ground no fewer than three times, the fact that he not only willingly entered a fight with very low odds of success, but that he also refused to stay down and he continued to fight that uphill battle until the very end exemplified the perseverance that is expected of all Strathcona Officers.

Though even more impressive than this may be the performance offered by our very own Commanding Officer, LCol Joshua Major, who called out and fought both Capt Tim Day and Capt Alex Nitu.  Despite these odds, the CO managed to not only hold his ground, but actually drive back his attackers and was able to gain the advantage at a number of points within the one-minute bout.

Of course such physical exertion requires an adequate cool-down, and the CO could think of no better way than to have several liters of ice water dumped on him in support of ALS research.  Not content to simply call out two of his top officers to fight, he ended the day by imploring the Commanding Officers and Regimental Sergeants-Major of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, 12e Régiment Blindé du Canada, and the Royal Canadian Armour Corps School to also take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  The jury is still out as to whether that call-out was answered, but one thing we know for sure is that if you’re going to fight the CO, you should probably bring at least two friends.


Follow this link to view the Ice Bucket Challenge.