Prince of Wales Sqn Update

By Cpl John Nancarrow
9 June 2010

As the sun rises over Afghan mountains the sky is lit with brilliant colours of red and yellows, just as the blanket of night is pulled to the West. Fields of golden wheat gently move in the morning breeze as 2 Troop sits in their Leopard 2 turrets watching the pattern of life.

In the recent months, they have endured sand storms that easily blind soldiers and rain that falls for only a brief few seconds. Fascinations with strange new bugs, and long days, everyone’s mind may be on the job at hand, but thoughts of HLTA are always there.

For some, like Tpr Francine Riopelle and Sgt Jason Trenholm, it means returning home to loved ones and friends in Edmonton. Others like Cpl John Aymont and Tpr Colby Hogemann are looking forward to the chance to travel abroad.

Life in the leaguer is improving with each trip out with the addition of a power inverter to our call sign. Since then, you never see Tpr Aaron Moore or Tpr Bob Friesen without their iPOD and PSP.

Soldiers are already sharing their plans of what they plan to do after our tour is complete. Cpl Jeff Pegler is looking to purchase a new sport bike and has offered to teach me to ride for when I purchase mine. Cpl Justine Edwards is planning on relaxing and kicking back, as he and his wife will be expecting their third child at Christmas.

All the soldiers in the Squadron have their own way of counting down the days. Whether by pay checks, by days or the number of Saturdays, the soldiers of A Squadron welcome each sunrise knowing that the one single word (Perseverance) will get them home safe and sound to the loved ones left behind in Edmonton.