Prince Harry and Padre Greene in Italy

Captain P.J. Webster

Though it wasn’t the first time the Regiment has had a brush with royalty, a spring day in Monte Cassino brought another such honour to Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians).

Continuing in his fine tradition of representing Strathcona’s the world over, Padre Bob Greene was recently in Italy to commemorate the Battle of Monte Cassino. This strategic and bloody battle in Italy during the Second World War saw well over 200,000 Allied Troops fight to break-through the Axis “Winter Line” and march towards Rome. The Regiment, including Padre Greene, saw action in the brutal fight which was eventually won, at great cost.

His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales had arrived in Italy to commemorate the sacrifices and heroics of Commonwealth soldiers in what is known to some as “the forgotten campaign,” largely overshadowed by the later Normandy Invasions. He attended ceremonies throughout the day, and took time to talk to veterans from throughout the world about their experiences.

Prince Harry’s father, His Royal Highness, Charles, Prince of Wales, is the Regimental Colonel-in-Chief. During Prince Harry’s stop at a memorial to the Battle, where many of the Fallen lie, Father Greene took the opportunity to speak with the Prince and show him where he had been during the fighting.

A proud and exhaustive supporter of the Regiment, Padre Greene once again has shown great enthusiasm and Perseverance in his goals as mentor and teacher of our history, doing whatever it takes to enshrine Strathcona history in the minds of younger generations.