On to Germany

By Major J.L. Cochrane
21 November 2008

On completion of the Combat Team Commander’s Course, Exercise Reflex Rapid and Exercise Maple Guardian 0802 and two months in the field, the Sqn took a short break back in Edmonton that involved Dental check ups, issuing of our shiny new, well almost, Tan uniforms, some ranges, and other administrative stuff. This took place over about a five day period that also included the Regimental Safety Day and Remembrance Day just to make it interesting! While this was taking place the Sqn 2IC, Captain David Gottfried (seen in the German Crew Helmet photo), and Clerk, Corporal Roberta Malashevsky were doing everything in their power to ensure that everyone going to Germany actually had flights and claims. At one point I was concerned that my clerk had gone AWOL (absent without leave), but she was actually buried under a pile of paper work. Fortunately, the Sqn Administrative Sergeant, Sergeant Steve Connauton, heard her muffled cries and pulled her to safety. Following a frantic few days, everyone had their flights, claims, and directions and was on their way to Germany.

Immediately upon arrival in Germany there were members of the Armour School to meet us and ensure that we brought directly to the accommodations for the Germany Armour School. Lt Alain “Bernie” Bernard is the Canadian Course Officer and he quickly passed out the details of the courses to the Sqn and ensured that any questions or concerns were addressed. Within hours of arriving I was conducting a quick recce of the establishment and meeting the key Germans that were the key to the training goals of the Sqn. I cannot state enough about the support that the Armour School provided in establishing range recces, meetings with key pers, and support in general; it has thus far been simply outstanding.  The Canadian staff is composed of several old friends and several new ones, however the ones that will stand out from a Regimental perspective are Captain Brian Corbett, who has been instrumental with the Leopard 2A6M training in Germany, and Sergeant Rich “Gitch” Allen (seen in the sexy bike and shades photo).


Although this accounts for some additional time away from home the guys are excited about their new tank, the opportunity to experience Germany, and the relationships that they are establishing.