Moreuil Wood Sports Day

Captain Michael Labrecque


Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) enjoyed their annual Moreuil Wood Sports Day for 2015 with fresh Tim Horton’s in hand on 26 March 2015. Sports day had all messes competing against one another in a round robin style event with Reconnaissance Squadron coordinating the events.  The Mariner Room, Sarcee Room, Green Point Lounge, and Track Pad assembled their teams in an attempt to best each other and earn the title of top mess!

All four Regimental messes took to the courts following opening remarks to compete against one another in a variety of sports. Box lacrosse was a new sight this year as the Mariner room competed against the Sarcee room for bragging rights. Despite minimal corporate knowledge from both sides on the intricacies of Canada’s national summer sport, all NCO’s and Officers competed to the best of their abilities with the Officers nudging the win after three hard fought periods. Ball hockey, a sports day favorite, began with a 10-5 victory for the Track Pad over the Green Point Lounge. The Track Pad and the Green Point Lounge were concurrently battling it out in European handball that once again saw the Track Pad bettering the Green Point Lounge in a 12-9 match.  

As the day progressed one thing became ever obvious; the Track Pad was completely dominant in every sport. With a fresh batch of young blooded new recruits to bolster their ranks, the Track Pad went on to have an undefeated record, winning every match of European handball, box lacrosse, ball hockey, and dodge ball.
The Mariner Room had a second place finish, topping Sarcee Room in lacrosse, handball and ball hockey, but coming up short with a 0-2 decisions in dodgeball. The Sarcee room had a third place finish as a result of their dodgeball victory with Green Point Lounge taking up the rear with no wins.

Despite a few bumps and bruises earned on the battlefield that was the Edmonton Garrison Base Gym, all soldiers had an opportunity to represent their respective mess that lead to a day of fun, esprit de corps, and plenty of chirps.