Lieutenant-Colonel Who?

Strathcona All Ranks Dinner and Dance

By Cpl Matthew Coxall


The Big Party was anticipated months before, with chatter spreading about what was going on and what prizes were up for grabs.  This year’s Strathcona All Ranks Dinner and Dance most certainly did not disappoint.  Entering the doors to Schank’s, we were greeted with Strathcona mugs, drink tickets and a shot at several prize package draws.  

The beer was flowing, the music was loud, and everybody had a drink in their hand.  We all started getting in the mood of what the ARDD is supposed to be about.  We started off with a wonderful meal that sopped up any drinks that were already in our system then dove into the sweets.  At alternating times throughout the night Matt Day, comedian extraordinaire and MC for the night, started giving away the big prizes!  The first one was a lavish home theatre system, which was won with a fluke mini putt shot by the TQ’s very own Cpl Natalie Veilleux.  Lucky shot Natalie!

Once the crush had arrived, the Regiment was treated to a fantastic video that had the entire Regiment giggling about who the outgoing CO was, LCol Who?, closed out with an outstanding performance by our very own Cpl Mike “Red” Van Nieuwenhuyze.   After came the speeches, with LCol Paul Peyton making all of us honoured to have served in the Regiment with him and reminding us that we are part of a great Strathcona family.  We all cheered and carried on with more prizes.  The next big prize was the Panorama Weekend trip, which was won by my girlfriend, Amanda.  She didn’t even realize it was her, until I heard the number and choked on my beer.  She was so excited she almost tripped on the stairs!  The next prize was the camping package won by Trooper Daylon Brown from A Squadron.  Time for Jasper?

We continued on with drinking, playing pool, bowling, mini putt and so much more.  There were a few more speeches with someone making random appearances on the big screen, which was hilarious.  We were all having a great time when the last prize was announced, the Wireless Computer Accessory Package won by Recce Squadron’s Cpl Nick Norman.  The DJ cranked the music and people started dancing and showing off their moves.  Some left and others stuck it out with the young crowd, dancing till the heart was willing but the body was sore.  All in all, the night was a huge success and very well needed after yet another busy year in the legendary Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians).

All Ranks Dinner Dance Prize Winners:
$2000 Flight Centre Travel Voucher:  WO Louise Litwin (RHQ)
$2500 Camping Package:  Tpr Daylon Brown (A Sqn)
$3000 Home Theatre Package:  Cpl Natalie Veilleux (HQ Sqn)
$2000 Panorama Get Away:  Cpl Matthew Coxall (HQ Sqn)
$500 Wireless Computer Package:  Cpl Nick Norman (Recce Sqn)