HQ Sqn – Busy times

By Cpl Joseph G Levesque
7 June 2010

With the Change of Command parade fast approaching, HQ Sqn was an extremely busy place to be employed in this past month of May. Many projects and taskings were required to be completed before the big parade. All members of the Squadron worked extremely hard, not only to prepare for the handovers and the parade but also to complete their everyday work responsibilities. Soldiers continually upgraded, maintained and developed the skills required to achieve the high standard that this Squadron is known for. HQ Sqn had several troops taking various courses last month ranging from PLQ to Unit HAZMAT coordinator as well as Hazmat spill response. With the change of command parade in the minds of soldiers throughout the Regiment, many people did not know that a handful of troops from HQ Sqn were involved in a 100 man honour guard at the Alberta legislature grounds for Alberta’s new Lieutenant Governor Col (Ret’d) Donald S. Ethell which saw Capt David Williams leading the colour party for the guard. With everything that was going on within the Squadron, there was still time dedicated to recognizing soldiers for their hard work and professionalism. Many troops were promoted within the ranks at all levels. One example was MCpl Terry Whynot who also received his CD. Our Regiment is a very busy place to be, adapting to the task at hand and HQ Sqn, just like the rest of the Strathcona’s continues to hold onto our Regiment’s motto, “Perseverance”, with pride.