Heavy Support Stretcher

By: Lt. Adam J. Brown, 2 Tp Ldr, C Sqn
26 Sept 2008

So another training cycle has started and TF 1-09 is due for a little field time. Ok, so maybe it’s more than a little, but the Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM), Master Warrant Officer (MWO) Richard Stacey still loves to remind us everyday on the updated countdown. KAF is a hub of activity with the BG sub units still trying to establish themselves. They have now been established and are functioning. Thankfully, C Sqn is established and enjoying its quiet camp in Centurion Field, also known as Ma’Sum Ghar (MSG).

When we arrived, MSG was still in the process of being established with support facilities and tents still being erected. In short order, however, Admin Coy from the 2 R22eR had the camp set up to the SSM’s satisfaction and after some minor tweaking, he began to re-focus his thoughts. While the SSM began plotting, the remainder of the Sqn began its time with the Combat Team Commanders Course. They conducted defensive and offensive operations that included breaching with the engineers as demonstrated by C/S 32C commanded by MCpl Gregory C. Moon.

The SSM, now free to plot, began to focus on two things: How can I make more money for the Sqn Canteen and what tricks can I play on the young officers? He quickly fixed the first issue by offering our canteen services to the remainder of the Battle Group (BG). Within one day, he sold all his stock minus a strategic reserve of pepperoni sticks and Gatorade. Now, the second point was a little trickier. The OC, Major John Cochrane, warned the SSM to be good and not to play tricks on his young Troop Leaders. However, he never said anything about the new Administration Officer (AO), Lieutenant (Lt) Mike Kaye.

Using his devious mind, the SSM concocted a scenario where a soldier, a very large soldier, had to be extracted due to a mishap. He informed the AO that he needed a heavy-support stretcher and to get one from the medics. Not knowing what a heavy-support stretcher was, the AO ran off in search of this elusive creature. As the SSM had previously warned off the rest of the camp, the AO frantically ran from one section of the camp to another looking for this stretcher, no one able to help him. Finally, his adventure ended with the maintainers who gave him a tank shock commonly known as a heavy support apparatus. Still not catching on, the AO ran to the medics at the UMS with the shock. They proceeded to stretch out the shock and attached it to both ends of a stretcher with white mine tape. The AO grabbed it and hurried back to the SSM who was waiting with a few key individuals and a camera, where the joke was finally realised.

It was kind of surprising that no mention of this incident was every made to the other officers by the AO. I guess he believed that this will be kept within the Sqn and no mention will be made. But, thanks to the World Wide Web, we are broadcasting this out to the Regimental Family so that everyone will know, because we just can’t keep this to ourselves. While we are still extremely busy and are maintaining a hectic pace, we are still maintaining our sense of humour and still enjoying our time in C Sqn.