Headquarters Squadron Enters the New Year

By Private J.W. Osmond
14 February 2006

As is the norm in the Regiment, Headquarters Squadron has been extremely busy. We began the month of November with Post Ex drills from Ex PRAIRIE RAM. This ensured that all of the kit from the field was cleaned and packed away for the next time we deploy.

During the month of December, there was a Regimental Sports Day. This was a time for all to have fun. How the competition works is that the Officers play the Sr NCOs, and the MCpls play the Cpls and Tprs in different sports. This year the Officers beat the Sr NCOs in Volleyball and in hockey. As for the MCpls versus the Cpls and Tprs they also split their four game series resulting in no clear winner in this year’s Christmas sports competition.

December also saw Headquarters Squadron go to a high readiness state for the third time this year as the Regiment became the Immediate Response Unit (IRU). Between kit checks and vehicle maintenance, the Squadron managed to find time to participate in Kids Christmas Party and as well go to the Regimental Christmas dinner.

Headquarters Squadron saw four promotions during the Regimental Christmas dinner. Promotion to Warrant Officer - Sgt Jackson, to Sergeant - MCpl Alexander, and Warrant Officer Crabb received his promotion to Master Warrant Officer (who is currently on his Year long French Course) and finally, yet importantly, we congratulated Pte Wade on his first hook.

The Squadron took a well-deserved break from December 17 to the 8 of January for Christmas where most people were required to remain in the area because of IRU. A small number of single people were able to fly home to their families.

January is always busy for Headquarters Squadron. This year was no different; we started the year by transferring new people to the Strathcona Mounted Troop. We also saw a number of our own depart for missions overseas.

In closing the last three months found Headquarters moving in high gear. This fast-paced tempo will set the tone for the upcoming challenges throughout the rest of the year. The New Year will see the Squadron support various PCF courses and training, ensuring that most will barely have time to catch their breath.