Greeting from Germany

By Trooper Edwards
1 December 2008

Greetings to everyone at home from all of C Squadron in Germany. We hope you are having a good time without us and look forward to seeing you all in December. A lot has been happening in the last week for us, Starting with our weekend. Many of the troops decided to use the weekend off to explore Germany and better observe its culture. For most of us, the weekend was a very exciting and informative time and for one Sgt Denson it was a time to learn that not every chair is made strong enough for him to sit in.

As Monday came into play, everyone seemed to be well rested and full of energy to start the new week. This was really god to see knowing the fact that there would be a couple of late nights in the week ahead. During the week, we learned a wide range of things dealing with the Leopard 2 A6M, including a night of driver’s cross training. During this night, the Crew Commanders, Loaders and Gunners got to learn much of what the drivers have been doing and learning.

This week we also got to put into use the skills that were taught to us in the previous week. These put a good perspective on how the course has been going. Good in case you’re wondering. Friday though, there was some bad news as our instructor, Master Sergeant Monreal and a few of our interpreters had to leave. But as I said, our course is going well and we hope everyone is doing well back home. See you in a couple weeks.