“FLAGS UP, FLAGS DOWN” – The Latest from the Regimental Police Section

By Corporal Mark Friesen
6 February 2006

The Brigade Training Event (BTE) came and went without any great incident; well, for the Regimental Police (RP) section anyway. We did our usual patrolling throughout the entire exercise and especially during the smokers. They went off without any incidents except the serenade we received from Recce Sqn, which we appreciated so much. Knowing you are loved means a lot.

We were kept busy with blocking off routes so that no unwanted characters entered Area 51. During that time as gatekeepers, Sergeant Terry Moser kept me laughing with his singing and dancing—yes, dancing, and it was not a pretty sight. When the dancing and singing ceased, we had deep conversations with the local bovine, which refused to follow traffic regulations and leave the confines of the road. We still cannot decide who found whom more interesting.

Talking about the roads, I am very surprised that our poor, old Light Support Vehicle Wheeled (LSVW) did not fall apart on those great roads in the training area. A big “thank you” to Master Corporal Guy Pellerin for getting our old girl back on the road, even if it took an Iltis (jeep) fuel pump to get her moving. She is still going strong. We were amazed that the tech quickly fixed another problem by simply blowing into a hose in the engine compartment—alas a new Army Breathalyzer was born. A “thank you” also goes out to the excellent service from the Small Component Crew. Our generators were in good hands.

We had some early morning excursions to get the flags and barriers up (“flags up, barriers up, flags down, barriers down” drills) so that A and B Squadrons could rip some rounds down range. Sgt Moser had his life flash before his eyes more than once when an elk or mule deer darted in front of our headlights on those early mornings. Good thing we were abiding by the speed limit in the training area. I must mention, however, that we did have a fatality while driving on White Route. A field mouse ran out in front of our vehicle and subsequently met its untimely end. It was suggested that we lower all of our flags to half-mast, but after a quick giggle, we decided against it. It would have been too much confusion for the guys on the ranges.

I also had some great ideas on how to get some pictures of the local wildlife, with me strapped to the roof of our truck and the Sergeant driving. It just figured that the Sergeant refused to cooperate, citing something about the Regimental Sergeant-Major (RSM), Chief Warrant Officer Russ Ells, not appreciating our version of Wild Kingdom. The remainder of the exercise continued without a hitch (even for the Troop Section…sorry, inside joke).

Sports fans, I got to tell ya, when we have a Regimental Christmas Dinner, we go all out. It was another outstanding dinner put on by the Chief Cook, Petty Officer First Class Don Paterson, and his crew. We will not discuss the fun had by most afterwards (the poor Sergeant has been seeing a lot of yellow lately).

Sgt Moser received the clasp to his Canadian Decoration (CD) for 22 years of loyal service. It was funny watching the RSM in total shock remarking, “You got 22 years?” Well, it seems the powers that be decided to give the Sergeant the Alberta Centennial Medal (commonly known as the AbC medal), thereby doubling his medal count. Actually, the award is bestowed on Albertans who have distinguished themselves in the community. The RP section took a vote and still believes it is because he had only one medal.

To wrap things up, the RP Section received its newest member, Bombardier Cole McCoy. Welcome, Bombardier!! All that is needed now is a member of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) to join our section.

Well, that’s it, sports fans. Keep your sticks on the ice and no checking from behind.