Ex STEELE BEAR: An Epic Poem

Tpr Shepherd


On the 13th of July 2011, under a dim grey sky, the mighty soldiers of B Squadron set out to conquer the cold murky waters of the North Saskatchewan River during the adventure training exercise that would be known as Ex STEELE BEAR.  And ye, tho Mother Nature was loathe to spread the warmth of her bosom open to the Earth’s most favoured warriors, they laughed heartily and persevered against the challenges of both a sunless wet sky and the never ending miles of bending river, as they paddled their invincible canoes ever onward.

At long last, despite the uncomfortable and inconvenient upset of several brave tanker’s canoes and no fish daring to bite their hooks; they all arrived at the first great camp where much revelry and hard fought rest was had long into the night.  

Early the next day and with bellyies full of fresh cooked good food and spirits raised, the second grey day was met by the indomitable warriors as a zebra’s throat is met by the leopard.  That day, inspired by the brilliant tactics and resourcefulness that was earlier demonstrated by a few cunning young Troopers; the undefeatable Battle Barge was formed, as numerous canoe teams lashed their strength together and laughed at the swells and rapids that challenged lesser men.  All claims of piracy or dastardly doings are denied.

At the second day’s camp, even more than the first, rest and relaxation was heartily enjoyed despite the uncountable foul bugs and stinging little fiends that tried their pathetic best to defeat the champions of B Sqn.  But not even the swarms of hell could rise to meet the adamant spirits of the world’s greatest armoured knights, as they celebrated the good times and health of their brothers in arms on their continuing advance up the river.

On the third and final day, still with but only a teasing of warmth from the sky, B Squadron took serious advantage of the land and stormed upon their destination with great wrath and fury and declared the river behind them as their defeated foe and much rejoicing and raising of fists was had.  When the final canoes were pulled out of the water and racked on the trailers, the fierce soldiers of B Squadron boarded the bus to breathe the sweet air of conquest and nap the noble sleep of accomplishment as they returned from Devon to their Base:  Stronger, fitter, and truly mightier than ever, B Squadron strides forward, indestructible and fully charged with warrior spirit, ready to tear apart any obstacle in their way.