Extra-Regimental Employment at 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (1 CRPG)

By WO Sean Thompson

It’s been a quick and sometimes cold five years at 1 CRPG, with close to 23 hours of sunlight in the summer to 4 hours or less in the winter. I have made it to the list of Strathcona’s who have had the awesome experience of being posted north of 60.  As a Ranger Instructor, I am in charge of six patrols located across all three Territories. In terms of mentoring and administration, this includes around 100 or more Rangers; more than is typically expected of an Armoured Sergeant!

Traveling like a rock star on charter flights laden with gear that a SQ would drool over and a tidy sum of the Queen’s cash really up’s the responsibility!  We are here for sovereignty, flying the flag in all weather conditions and terrain.  You truly rely on all your training, and certainly learn a more “common dog, laid back” approach from the Rangers. It is a trade-off of cultures, our military minds are set, all rigid, and theirs make do with what they have. One can produce some amazing results when you are out on the barren lands of the Canadian north.
As my time comes to an end up here, I have come to truly appreciate the northern way of getting things done, and the rugged, independent, outdoors life style. I will have a whole new skill set to bring back south to the Regiment with me.

If find yourself curious about a posting, ask and get on a patrol. There are lots of opportunities where the Canadian Rangers take soldiers out with them to develop their survival and long range patrolling skills.