Remembrance Day - No Stone Left Alone

By Captain Gerard Barabash, Regimental Padre

Strathconas played a key role in No Stone Left Alone (NSLA) ceremonies this year which occurred across Edmonton in over fourteen different cemeteries.   The main Act of Remembrance, held at Beechmount Cemetery on November 8th, generated nation-wide media coverage.  Hundreds of students, accompanied by our soldiers, respectfully laid poppies at the graves of fallen soldiers.  The program included the laying of wreaths and a brief inspirational message to the students from our Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Peyton.

NSLA is gathering momentum across the country, and Strathcona’s are proud to participate and be the face for the Canadian Armed Forces for this event since the movement started three years ago.  It was truly inspiring to witness the unity of purpose and decorum amongst the students, politicians, dignitaries, and soldiers. Thousands of fallen were esteemed and honoured while the hearts and hopes of young and old were warmed once more on a cold November day.

On Remembrance Day, those who were not assigned to specific events or locations were required to attend a service in the community of their choice. This tradition promotes the concept of both families and communities remembering our fallen together.