A Squadron’s Best Shot:  Commanding Officer’s Challenge

By Corporal Mitch Croxall 


On Friday August 16, 2013, the Regiment once again held the Commanding Officer’s (CO’s) Challenge, a test of physical and mental stamina intermixed with military and field-craft tests. Two teams from each squadron battled it out for the bragging rights of being the Regiment’s top team (and possibly the free beer that came with the title).  A Squadron fielded two teams, the imaginatively titled A1 and A2.  The first team was led by Captain Karl Tams (with Warrant Officer Melanie Parent keeping him out of trouble), and the second team was led by Lieutenant  Laurel Burchell and her right hand man, Warrant Officer Richard Sherren.

During this CO’s challenge, another series of unique and challenging stands was arrayed before the teams: map and compass, regimental history, armoured fighting vehicle recognition, casualty evacuation, a road wheel bench-press, coyote/tank obstacle course, mine navigation/weapons assembly, and coyote pull/park. Needless to say, there was a very physically and mentally demanding series of events set up for the morning!  Throughout the stands, stress and adrenaline was running high, especially when the CO and Regimental Sergeant-Major were standing over the shoulders of team A1 during the regimental history quiz!

Another highlight was during team A2’s coyote pull, when Trooper Brandyn “Rubber legs” Tomayer, fell down trying to drag the coyote to its parking spot and was unable to get up or walk from fatigue. As a result, he had to drag himself to keep up with the rest of the team, which was a valiant show; however, it almost resulted in him getting crushed by the vehicle as it started to roll backwards!  If it had not been for Trooper Spencer Richardson’s quick thinking A Squadron would have had a slightly flatter Trooper.  The squadron’s strongest stand was by far the road wheel bench press.  With team A2 having three of the biggest and baddest troops in the Regiment, this team made this difficult stand look easy! Corporal Ryan “The General” Blacklock, Corporal Andrew Burris and Trooper Garret George helped pump out over 2500 reps (which for those of you who weren’t there was very impressive!)


All of the Regiment’s teams worked extremely hard during this challenge, and after the points were counted up after a hard day of competition (with a burger, a hot dog, and a few cold ones in hand) the Regiment formed up to hear who had won. In 3rd place was Recce Team 1, with 593 points, 2nd place went to Recce Team 2, with 597 points, and the winner of the August Edition of the CO’s Challenge was B Squadron Team 2 with 599 points – an outstanding effort for all competitors!  In another few months we’ll gear up for another CO’s challenge, and whatever the challenge may be – we’ll be ready for it!