Change of Command 2012

Capt M.R. Shumka


The 14th of June 2012 marked another historic moment in the Regiment with the 52nd Commanding Officer assuming command of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians).  The Change of Command parade highlighted a week of events and saw the outgoing CO, then LCol Trevor Cadieu handover command to the incoming CO, LCol Paul Peyton.  With a large turnout from the Strathcona Family, supporters from local communities, and VIPs including the Col of the Regt MGen (Ret’d) Cameron Ross, Comd LFWA BGen Paul Wynnyk and Reviewing Officer, Comd 1 CMBG Col Omar Lavoie, the Strathcona’s took to the parade square.  The parade showcased the proud traditions of the Regiment.  The Regimental Guidon was transported in one of three Ferrets from HVT in front of an honor guard composed of soldiers of all ranks as well as the Strathcona Mounted Troop.  LCol Cadieu marched before his soldiers for the last time as their CO alongside the Reviewing Officer.  Promoted shortly after relinquishing command, Col Cadieu and his wife Megan are now headed to Ottawa where they will add to the Ottawa Branch of the Regimental Society.

Once he had assumed command, LCol Peyton lead the Regiment in a mounted roll past composed of Coyote Reconnaissance vehicles from The Prince of Wales Sqn (Recce Sqn), the new Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks in A Sqn, Leopard C2s in B Sqn and various support vehicles from both HQ Sqn and RHQ.  Following the roll past, four Leopard C2s performed a feu de joie with 105mm blank rounds before Col Cadieu made his final departure.  Before departing with Megan at a high rate of speed in a Leopard 2, Col Cadieu who was never short for words joked that, “Although my beret is now green, my heart will always be black”.  This truly marked his spirit and dedication towards the soldiers of the Regiment.

During his two year tenure of commanding the Regiment, Col Cadieu oversaw the deployment of all Strathconas in fulfilling the Canadian commitment to the NATO combat mission before transitioning into the training mission in Afghanistan.  Further, he led the Regiment during Op LUSTRE as part of the 1 CMBG domestic operations assisting with the remediation in the Winnipeg area.  Col Cadieu’s command at the Regiment was highlighted as the Strathcona’s performance in Brigade competitions was unmatched on both Ex MOUNTAIN MAN 11 and on Ex STRONG CONTENDER 12.  

LCol Peyton returns to the Regiment after his most recent posting with Chief Force Development as a section head within the Directorate of Capability Integration.  He makes the move back to Edmonton with his wife Tiffany and his sons Mitchell and Liam.  Joining him as the Command Team for the Regiment is current RSM, CWO Bill Crabb.