Chapter 2 FOB Life

By: MCpl Brister and Tpr Livingstone
24 September 2010

Since the last time First Troop has written for the web site we have had a few changes to the Sqn. However life here in FOB Ma’sum Ghar has not. The FOB continues to grow with new shelters being built and other assorted camp improvements. Some of you that were here on earlier tours might not even recognize parts of it.

During any lulls in operations the soldiers of A Sqn are adept at finding ways to occupy themselves. The activities range from video games, Entourage (the TV show) marathons or simply choosing a good book from our impressive library. These breaks are a prime opportunity for the chain of command to conduct continuation training which guarantees top performance from all ranks in the Sqn. For First Troop the continuation training included a 15 minute presentation. The junior members of the Troop each had to select a topic of their choice and give a presentation. The topics were as diverse as the members of the troop and were quite entertaining.

The gamers have it out on the Xbox with a few rounds of Call of Duty 4 whenever they have some down time. Although it seems a few people are playing a bit more than others, we think it’s because they need more practice. These virtual battles often become very heated causing the once reserved Cpl Moore to be quit vocal when he is on a losing streak.

After a long hard day of work, some of A Sqn soldier’s like to relax and play a friendly game of poker. The game usually has 8-10 players. WO Boland, WO Baglole, Sgt Likely, Sgt Trenholm (Ice Man), MCpl “Patty Chaos” Patterson, Cpl Hogemann, Cpl Aymont and Tpr Livingstone are the usual players. While the more advanced players try to take out the “Donkeys” aka less advance players. Sgt Trenholm has won the most tournaments, as of right now. Sgt Likely and WO Boland are also doing well. Every tournament has two different players going head to head which makes it a very exciting final every other night. It’s a great time for everyone to sit down have a couple of laughs and fun all at the same time.

During the time of this article’s submission the OC (Maj Rob McKenzie) was preparing to go on HLTA. Concurrently the Sqn 2IC (Capt Fred Hayward) has been planning on how he is going to take the Sqn out, defeat the Taliban and be home for tea and medals all in one day.

The next Sqn article is due to come out near the end of Oct.