C Squadron Update – September

By Major J.L. Cochrane
12 Sept 2008

Well, I would like to say that everything is status quo and there have been no major changes within the Squadron since I completed my last update, but that wouldn’t be true – not at all. When I last left you the Squadron was comprised of three troops: one from 12 RBC, two from LdSH(RC), an Administration troop and Squadron Headquarters that had elements from both the Strathconas and 12 RBC, this has since been changed rather significantly. In late August I was informed that one troop would be dropped from the Squadron and its positions re-rolled within Task Force Afghanistan. The decision was taken that for command, control and easy of training the troop that would be dropped would be from the 12 RBC. This decision also necessitated the changing of the dozer crew, elements within the echelon, and lastly the Squadron 2IC. Although the ultimate decision was made from levels much higher than mine, the practicality of this decision was obvious at all levels. It is with sadness that C Squadron said its good by to the members of 12 RBC, they had quickly become members of the team and were a hard working troop that brought a great deal of skill and dedication to the Squadron, we wish you all the best and look forward to working with you again in the future. Out of this came the departure of the Squadron 2IC, Captain Kevin Larocque, and the call went out to locate a replacement 2IC, which came in the form of Captain David Gottfried of the Royal Canadian Dragoons.

The next couple of months will see the Squadron continuing with its incredibly busy schedule. As I write this the advance party for the Squadron is enroute to Wainwright and followed shortly thereafter by the main body in support of the Combat Team Commander’s Course, followed by Ex REFLEX RAPID, and lastly our MAPLE GUARDIAN serial with CMTC and this all takes place before the end of the first week in November. Following that we have a busy month of training in Germany and then into a well deserved Christmas leave period, yes we are looking ahead to Christmas already – and you thought the department stores were bad!

Training is now back in full swing with the summer block leave period over. The Squadron immediately went to work on Ex STEELE TORQUE, which is the Regimental maintenance push to ensure the tanks retain there serviceability over the next few years, and the OC and Ops Sgt were once again off to Valcartier for another computer exercise. We have had a number of new additions to the Squadron from Headquarters, who I would like to officially welcome aboard:

WO Young;
Sgt Englehart;
MCpl Denson;
Tpr Gracie; and
Tpr Graham.

We also had one promotion to Tpr (T), Tpr Kroker – congratulations.

A Squadron has now headed off to Afghanistan and C Squadron is next up for rotation. We still have some work to do, but we are well on our way.