C Squadron Casualty

While engaged in heavy combat with the Taliban yesterday, Corporal Nathan Hornburg of C Squadron was sadly killed. Corporal Hornburg, a soldier with The King's Own Calgary Regiment, deployed to Afghanistan as a member of a C Squadron Armoured Recovery Vehicle crew. He was killed while assisting in the recovery of a Leopard tank that had thrown its track. The tank squadron was in close combat with the enemy for several hours at the time of this loss. Four other soldiers were slightly injured in the same attack. The families of the deceased and wounded soldiers have been notified.

All Strathconas mourn today the loss of a fallen comrade. This incident has of course saddened the great soldiers of C Squadron, but it has also reinforced their resolve in their mission to bring security to Afghanistan in order to enable reconstruction efforts.

Our thoughts and full support are with the family of Corporal Hornburg.
Details of his repatriation, funeral arrangements and the wishes of the family will be distributed once known.

Major Trevor Cadieu
Regimental 2IC