C Sqn’s Training to Date

By: Tpr J.K Bennett (RCD)
18 June 2007


With the leadership of the OC, Major Gosselin, of Edmonton Alberta, the Canadian Forces have formed a squadron of tankers consisting of a troop from the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) out of Petawawa, Ontario, the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) (LdSH(RC) of Edmonton Alberta, and the 12 Régiment Blindé du Canada (12 RBC), out of Valcartier Quebec. Breaking down language barriers and Regimental customs to form a squadron of tankers ready to deploy to Afghanistan for Task Force 3-07.

The past months have been busy for all soldiers, first travelling to El Paso Texas for Ex REFLEXE RAPIDE, where they were called upon to help with the training of the entire battle group to work and move on the battlefield as one. The American Army walked the battle group through the IED lanes to prepare the soldiers for those possible dangers and ensured that all soldiers learned how to avoid the threat. Following the four weeks in Texas and a few days rest for the soldiers, the troops were off to Wainwright, Alberta for Ex MAPLE GUARDIAN 0701 for more battle group training and individual training such as first aid and hand to hand combat training.

Following the training in Wainwright, C squadron returned to Edmonton for even more training such as personal weapons handling completing PWT levels 1 to 4, and the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course.

The training is not over yet; C squadron will be heading off soon to Germany to learn all the ins and outs of the new Leopard 2 tanks. Following this training, the soldiers head for home for a few well-deserved weeks off to spend time with family and friends before their mission in Afghanistan.


Picture 1 - C/S 33B using the plow to put out fires during the live fire event of Ex MAPLE GUARDIAN 0701


Picture 2 - It’s not the UFC, there’s no spotlights or prize money for these men, and it’s all about survival. Sgt Staley, the troop’s hand-to-hand combat instructor is shown preparing Cpl Angelini for what he may have to face on their deployment to Afghanistan in late August 2007.