Bronze Medal of Bravery


On 14 Nov 11, Corporal Jonathan Ouellet from HQ Sqn Maint Tp received the Bronze Medal of Bravery from the Royal Canadian Humane Association for his quick actions in saving two people from a dangerous situation on the 28 Jul 2010. While driving on highway 16, Cpl Ouellet stopped to assist passengers of an SUV that violently rolled over. He approached the smoking veh, turned off the ignition and assisted the first victim which had minor injuries. Fearing that the vehicle may catch fire he removed the second passenger through the driver's side window and proceeded to provide first aid for the deep lacerations and possible broken arm. He provided emergency rescuers with all the information which allowed them to proceed to another vehicle that had left the road.
He was presented this award at the Edmonton Police Services Headquarters by the Honourable Donald S. Ethell, OC, OMM, AOE, MSC, CD, Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta.



On July 28, 2010 Jonathan Ouellet and Jason Ashmore were driving westbound on Highway 16 near Wadena, Sask.  They were approaching an accident scene, possibly caused by oil on the highway, when they were passed by an SUV and a PT Cruiser travelling at a high rate of speed.  The SUV left the road and rolled several times just past the first accident scene and came to rest in an upright position.  Jonathan pulled over and approached the now smoking vehicle while Jason called 911 and directed traffic around the accident scene.  Jonathan turned off the SUV’s ignition and assisted the first victim who appeared to have minor injuries.  Fearing that the vehicle could catch fire, he quickly turned to the next victim and, with great difficulty, removed him through the driver’s side window.  He then proceeded to treat the man’s injuries, which consisted of deep lacerations and a possible broken arm.  When the emergency personnel arrived, Jonathan provided them with information regarding the accident and seeing that the situation was under control, it allowed them to tend to the victims of the other accident.  Jonathan played a key role in preventing the SUV from catching fire thus preventing more serious injuries or worse.  

For his quick actions in saving two people from a dangerous situation the Bronze Medal for Bravery is awarded to Jonathan Ouellet.  For his presence of mind the Honorary Testimonial Certificate is awarded to Jason Ashmore.