B Squadron’s Back in Town - A Brief Note from Officer Commanding B Squadron

By Major Rob Hume
5 October 2009

B Squadron has taken the reigns once again, and we are now fully operational here in Afghanistan. Arriving here late last month, we were met by a very eager C Squadron focused on providing an effective handover of duties and responsibilities. We were provided with a number of informative briefs, and we were given an orientation of the area of responsibility. From there, we broke off to conduct handovers with our individual counterparts, busily taking notes and absorbing as much information as possible. By all accounts, the handover was successful.

It was quite evident that everyone wanted to see all the different aspects of the forward operating base (FOB) that they would be calling home for the foreseeable future. In particular, everyone wanted to see their individual bed spaces in the troop quarters appropriately referred to as “the Bunker”. Aside from some unavoidable dust and an occasional critter, I think everyone finds it quite comfortable. Additionally, many were happy to see the welfare phones and the kitchen for obvious reasons. In summary, I think there was a collective sigh of relief once everyone realized with their own eyes that life was going to be quite comfortable here.

With the handover completed and the dust settled, I had an opportunity to reflect on the training that we completed as part of our Road to War. Early on, I had some concerns regarding the large number of inexperienced persons within the squadron. As typically the case, these concerns began and continued to wane as SSM B, MWO Tom Holland, and I watched teams form and strengthen every step of the way. We are now reaping the benefits of this development, as I find myself looking at a focused and trained B Squadron prepared to achieve any mission, anytime. In short, I am proud to be part of this Squadron, and I look forward to accomplishing our mission like our brothers before us.