Atlantic Branch

Honorary President – John Swanton;
President –
Maj (Retd) Dan Hone;
Vice Presid
ent – Maj Dave Cronk;
Secretary –
Maj (Retd) Robert Stoney ( 488-8012);
– MWO (Retd) Dave Blanchard;
Social Secretary –
MWO Tom Holland;
Executive Members At-Large
– Maj Jamie Hunter

The success of the LdSH(RC) Regimental Association Atlantic Branch is based solely on the interest and active involvement of Strathconas - both retired and serving. For those who served in the Regiment for only a short period and retired wearing another cap badge, be it Logistics, Chaplain or Dragoon, we also welcome you. Remember, “Once a Strathcona, always a Strathcona.” 

To become a member simply provide one of the Executive with your contact information and you’re in. The LdSH (RC) Regimental Association Atlantic Branch does not collect dues (yet) and all of its events are 'pay as you go'. If you have photos or ideas on how to grow the Branch, please let us know. Please consider getting involved and encourage other Strathconas you know to also get involved and help foster the Regimental spirit on the East Coast.

Upcoming Events



3 Score, 10 years and 13 days later Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Let’s face it, the world easily forgets. That’s why they always go over the top when it comes to anniversaries such as the recent D-Day 70th Anniversary.