A Squadron - November 2008

Lieutenant Jack Nguyen
5 November 2008


“Doesn’t it feel like you just left this place?” is the familiar echo heard by many soldiers of A Squadron, TF3-08 BG. Still, our soldiers are demonstrating their resolve and professionalism as A Sqn embarks on its second rotation to Afghanistan on tanks.

Op MUTAFIK TANDAR was a successful re-supply of Afghan National Army units in the ZHARI/PANJIWAYI DISTRICT. Our support to the ANA in this area gives them the ability to provide security and stability for the local populace. This in turn allows reconstruction and development efforts to take place. After conducting operations like these, there is a general consensus among the soldiers that they are truly helping bringing peace and stability to the region.

With the tempo increasing on a daily basis, the troops are very eager to get on with their jobs. Many of the newer soldiers are finally seeing the culmination of their training to date, while the more senior ones are realizing the fruits of their collective training in Wainwright and Texas. It has been a long journey getting the Sqn ready for this deployment. Our soldiers’ hard work and dedication has paid in dividends. We look forward to the first few months of the tour with a marked enthusiasm. A Sqn is off to a good start and is up to the challenges that lie ahead.