A Squadron Christmas Activities

By Lt Dave Cronk
24 Jan 06

The Squadron commenced Christmas activities in earnest on the 10 of December with the Regimental Kids Christmas Party. The event was organized by 2Lt Joseph Boates and WO John Kelly, who by accounts ensured that all of the children of the Regiment were filled with the Christmas spirit. With activities ranging from a balloon tent, cookie making, face painting, and a video tent, there was something to amuse children of all ages and interests. As well, Santa Claus (aka MCpl Brad Smith) was on hand to ensure that all children both good and bad received a present to make the day a little more memorable and to show the Regiment’s appreciation and understanding of its soldier’s families.

Seasonal activities continued later that week, the 13th of December saw the Regiment embroiled in heated inter-rank sports competitions, with the Officers battling the Snr NCO’s and the Troopers and Corporals slugging it out against the Master Corporals. Each side fielded a Hockey, Broomball, Volleyball and Floor-Hockey Team providing plenty of enthusiasm and Esprit de Corps to fill the rinks and courts. The Officers proved their prowess in Hockey and Volleyball, only to be utterly destroyed in broomball and lose a squeaker in Floor-Hockey to the Snr NCO’s. One the other side of the rink and court the Troopers and Corporals displayed their skills in Hockey and Floor-Hockey, while the Master Corporals bested them at Broomball and Volleyball. The end result being a somewhat contentious tie for first place for all teams involved. I guess we will have to wait for the Moreuil Wood Sports Day for the scores to be settled.

Later that night saw the Junior Officers of the Regiment continue the season’s activities with some more devious fun. The young Subbies of the Sqn Lt Jeff Brown, Lt Dave Cronk and 2Lt Joseph Boates embarked on a long night of spreading the cheer of the season to the Senior Officers during the Annual Subbies Carolling. From all accounts, the subalterns were relatively well behaved and conducted themselves in a manner befitting of gentlemen. The night was filled with its own memorable moments, lets just say I now understand why officers are not normally allowed to drive and just do not ask about The Snake Pit, because remember the first rule of The Snake Pit is you don’t talk about The Snake Pit.

The Season’s activities wrapped up with the Men’s Christmas Dinner, where the men were treated to the usual festive spread of turkey with all the trimmings. Before the dinner commenced the Sqn saw some of its own receive an early Christmas gift in the form of a promotion. Newly promoted Sgt Doug Paquette had to leave the comfy confines of the ranks and jump behind the steam line and start serving the men and women of the Regiment. Also promoted was Sgt Joe Alexander, who after the Christmas break left the Mounted troop and joined the Sqn as part of 1st Troop. With the Men’s Dinner wrapped up, the Snr NCO’s made their way over to the Officer’s Mess were they were welcomed in for the Officer’s at home. Again, some interesting memories were gained, as all will remember WO Tom Holland and his interpretation of coaster pegging, as well Sgt Anthony Sewards will for the near future be remembered as the Sgt who stole Christmas.

With the regiment winding down for Christmas, most members of the Sqn spread across the country to visit with their friends and families. Most were good, some were bad but what is a new year without a little added administration to keep the chain of command busy. For the most part, it was another good Christmas Season for the Squadron and the Regiment with all returning refreshed and ready for the training year ahead.