A Sqn Farewell

By: Lt. A.J. Brown
2 September 2008

It’s that time of the year; the mixed emotions are in the air. In one hand, the near future sees the return of B Squadron coming home from Afghanistan; while conversely in the other, we have the pride of A Squadron departing for theatre. A Squadron will be deploying over the next month as part of TF 3-08. Under the watchful guidance of Major Ian McDonnell and MWO David Hall A Squadron is prepared for what ever lies ahead.

With this immanent departure in everyone’s mind, the Regiment gathered the family together for a farewell BBQ. Members of A Squadron and 1 CER, decked out in their shiny, slightly used, tan uniforms, showed up with families in tow for an array of activities including: bouncy castles; face painting; and a cotton candy machine.

While the kids were packing themselves full of sugar and deserts prior to lunch, Brigadier-General M.P. Jorgensen, Commander Land Force Western Area, stepped up to the stage and delivered a short, but sweet, speech reminding the families of the importance of the mission in Afghanistan and the difference that we as a country are making in the lives of the everyday person in Afghanistan. Following the swelling of pride from every soldier in the audience, those deploying or not, lunch was served. It was just in time as the BBQ was producing some very fine aromas that were attracting a great deal of attention.

As we lined up for the usual hamburgers and hotdogs, there was a pleasant surprise to see that there was a new addition of ice cream to the menu. This surplus of deserts proved to be very important as Lt Tim Day gathered up as many nanaimo bars as he could stating something about being scared of losing to much weight in Afghanistan and concern for his figure during the upcoming deployment.

We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful job in putting this activity together. It was a fitting way to say good bye to a part of our family. We wish the best of luck to A Squadron and we will be looking forward to their return in a couple of months down the road.