2860 Fort Simpson Community Open House

The CF recently held an open house in the community, meeting local residents, demonstrating CF equipment, playing basketball with the local high school team, and enjoying a barbeque run by the village. For the 2860 Cadet Corps, the highlight of the day was definitely getting a ride in the Griffon helicopter.

After a safety briefing, cadets took turns on the Griffon. The entire community watched as the helicopter lifted off from the school's soccer field.

The cadets inside had a fantastic view of the Mackenzie and Liard Rivers, which were on the verge of break-up. A fast flight up the Liard, then a steep climb and plunging decent, culminated in low level maneuvres along the airstrip. Despite the twists and turns, no cookies were tossed!

On April 27, Major Aitken gave a presentation on his experiences in the CF to fascinated cadets. His stories of diffusing tense situations while peace keeping in Kosovo, of eating barbeque rat while on another mission, and many others, gave the cadets a sense of the challenges and adventure of a career in the CF. Cadets also enjoyed the chance to try on his gear. The helmet is heavier than it looks!

Thank you Major Aitken!. The Corps is unanimous in its hope to work with you again. And next time the barbeque will be 100% moose!