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“Building Morale”Friday, May 5, 2017
As Op UNIFIER Roto 3 hit the ground, we quickly started relieving Roto 2. With smooth handovers and a week to sort ourselves out we were on our way to success.
Operation UNIFIER Dedicated Service FlightTuesday, May 9, 2017
The first sustainment flight for Op UNIFIER Rotation 3 was due into Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport mid-April.
One RTU Down, on to the NextWednesday, May 17, 2017
The morning of 4 April 2017, at the International Peace Support Center (IPSC) in Starychi Ukraine, marked the completion of a ten week training cycle for the 1st Battalion of the 28th Mechanized Brigade (1-28th Mech).
Ex Strong Europe Tank ChallengeFriday, May 26, 2017
After a couple months of usual routine while deployed on Op UNIFIER, 7 May brought a nice change for a couple of soldiers.
SMT Thrills the 110th Royal Manitoba Winter FairThursday, April 27, 2017
On Saturday March 25th, 2017 while most of the Regiment was enjoying the beginning of spring break, the Strathcona Mounted Troop was hard at work grooming and loading 18 of their best horses.
Vimy 100Thursday, April 27, 2017
Vimy Ridge Sunday was a truly remarkable event here in Edmonton. All the more special by your soldiers and horses that were the showpiece at Churchill Square.
Country Music and Horses: Strathcona’s Go Full Cowboy-but with TanksTuesday, February 28, 2017
On February 21st the Regiment hosted Garth Brooks world tour Band and Staff for an opportunity to showcase what our soldiers do every day and what we do it with.
Ex STRONG CONTENDER 2017Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Ex STRONG CONTENDER provides a unique opportunity for the Brigade to come together and foster both competition and teamwork.
Ex STEELE SKADE 2017 OverviewTuesday, March 21, 2017
In late February, Recce Sqn organized and ran a Basic Winter Warfare serial to qualify soldiers in the Regiment. With 51 candidates and another 45 support personnel participating in the training, it constituted a sizeable Regimental effort.
John and Earle Morris Visit with the Strathcona Curling TeamMonday, April 24, 2017
Curling has often been compared to chess on ice. It is game of strategy and etiquette between two teams where the winner is not necessarily the fastest nor hardest hitting.
Something Always Needs Fixin’Friday, May 26, 2017
A day in the life of a RCEME technician is never the same as the day previous, or the day that follows. High work volumes, multiple jobs on the go, various repair requests, and oddball side projects are all common occurrences.
US-Canada Powerlifting CompetitionMonday, May 29, 2017
Six soldiers from Joint Task Force Ukraine (JTF-U) participated in a friendly powerlifting competition on 24/25 April 2017. Two of the six were officers from 2 PPCLI, Maj Chris Hartwick and Lt Marek Sadovsky, both from Line of Effort 1 (LoE 1).
Ex WESTERN CREWMAN 2017Wednesday, June 14, 2017
In late April, Second Troop from Recce Sqn headed across the Rockies to support Ex WESTERN CREWMAN (WC) 17, a Primary Reserve Exercise designed to train units from 39 and 41 Canadian Brigade Groups.
Breaching SuccessMonday, June 19, 2017
In early June 2017, as a part of Op UNIFIER Roto 3, CAF Combat Engineers from 1 CER conducted breaching training with the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC) in Starychi, Ukraine.
Honing Section Attack SkillsMonday, June 19, 2017
At the end April 2017, Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) instructors at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC) in Ukraine, successfully planned and executed a challenging and safe live fire section attack range.
Ex CARPATHIAN STRYDERTuesday, June 27, 2017
If you were to Google the top ten things to do in Ukraine chances are that most of the websites you click on will have listed “Hike the Carpathian Mountains”.
Blood, Sweat and CQCBWednesday, June 14, 2017
On May 8th, 2017, soldiers from the Regiment, supplemented by infanteers from 1 PPCLI, came together to begin Close Quarters Combat – Basic (CQCB) training.
Sam Steele Medal Thursday, June 8, 2017
On 22 May 2017, 13 members from SMT headed east to Regina, Saskatchewan to partake in the Tattoo Royale, which represents the start of the Canada 150 Tour of the famous RCMP Musical Ride and the City of Regina’s birthday.
Canadian Medics Oversee Ambulance Driver TrainingWednesday, June 7, 2017
Medical Technicians supporting Operation UNIFIER, in Ukraine work in several roles at the International Peace and Security Centre (IPSC), including providing mentorship to instructors of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) Combat First Aid program.
Canadian Medics Mentor Lifesaving TechniquesWednesday, June 7, 2017
Canadian Medical Technicians (Med Tech) on Operation UNIFIER work in the unique and challenging role of providing mentorship to instructors of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Combat First Aid (CFA) program.
Line of Operation (LoE) 1 Conducts Urban Ops TrainingWednesday, June 7, 2017
At the International Peacekeeping and Security Center (IPSC), LoE 1’s focus has shifted from training soldiers within the Rotational Training Units (RTU), to mentoring Ukrainian Instructors.
Inauguration of The Queen’s EntranceTuesday, August 1, 2017
On July 1st, 2017, Col (Ret'd) Hug and his wife Maria were invited to Rideau Hall for the Inauguration of The Queen's Entrance and the Reception on the Occasion of the Inauguration of The Queen’s Entrance that followed.