A New Year Equals a New Face for the Strathcona Mounted TroopTuesday, June 19, 2012
A number of large changes have occurred over the last year in Strathcona Mounted Troop. 12 experienced Riders departed the Troop to continue their training on the newly arrived Leopard 2A4M’s that recently deployed to the field on EX WARRIOR RAM.
Strathcona Welcome Home Family CelebrationTuesday, June 12, 2012
When A Squadron returned from Afghanistan in November 2010, it appeared that the Strathcona’s would have a temporary reprieve from operations.
THE LEOPARD 2A4M’s FIRST LdSH(RC) EXERCISEThursday, June 7, 2012
From 15 Apr to 18 May 12, A Squadron deployed to Wainwright, AB for Ex KAPYONG STEELE and Ex WARRIOR RAM, the latter including the Combat Team Commanders’ Course.
A Tale of Two FinalsWednesday, March 21, 2012
Wednesday's victory of 2-0 (25-11 and 25-9) was a decisive win for the Strathcona's Regimental Volleyball Team in what everyone thought was the season final
“Next Target Right!” – LdSH(RC) Participates in Ex PLEIN CONTACT 2012Tuesday, March 13, 2012
It wasn’t long after the Twin Rinks janitor swept up the last few bits of confetti, and the mental scars incurred by seeing Cpl Mike Allman smeared in Myrtle Green body-paint began to heal, that the Regimental sports teams were called back into...
A Rare Occasion- B Squadron Dismounts for Paintball Monday, March 12, 2012
There aren't many careers in which paintball can be considered training, however the army is one of them. B Squadron took a break from the routine of Friday morning OC’s marches to kill each other at Paintball Action Games instead.
The Strathcona’s Sweep the 6th Annual Base Energy Challenge Monday, March 12, 2012
As the CO recently observed, it has been a while since anyone referred to us as the “Fat Strats.” We buried that old nickname a little deeper into the ground on 8 Mar by taking First, Second and Third place in yet another major competition...
First Command Team Challenge of 2012Friday, February 24, 2012
Perhaps one of the reasons the Strathcona’s have excelled in so many competitions in the past year (Exercises MOUNTAIN MAN, STRONG CONTENDER, PLEIN CONTACTE and the UK’s Cambrian Patrol spring to mind) .....
B Sqn at Hair MassacureWednesday, February 15, 2012
On 3 Feb 12, Soldiers from B Sqn, LdSH and joined forces with troops 1 CER to form the the Saint Valentine’s Day Hair Massacure Joint Task Force (or SVDHMJTF for short).
LdSH(RC) Conducts Ex STEELE VIRTUAL 2012Monday, February 13, 2012
In preparation for the upcoming spring field exercises with 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group to support the Combat Team Commanders’ Course (CTCC), LdSH(RC) conducted Exercise STEELE VIRTUAL from 30 January to 3 February at the Lecture Training...
B Sqn Pounding Track and Taking NamesFriday, February 10, 2012
“Have a good holiday and prepare for a fast pace in the new year,” Maj Mike Onieu, the Ghost of Christmas Past, warned.
Arrival of Leopard 2 to LdSH(RC)Thursday, February 9, 2012
The Strathcona’s are now the proud owners of 14 Leopard 2A4Ms, perhaps one of the finest main battle tanks in the world.
Gaza Commonwealth Cemetery, Canadian sectionThursday, January 26, 2012
We are grateful to LCol Paul Peyton for forwarding the article and photos, and to Col (Ret’d) Jim Ellard, who was deployed with Tpr Wiley, for providing additional historical information.
Strathcona’s Take Home GOLD at Exercise STRONG CONTENDERWednesday, January 25, 2012
Strathcona’s Take Home GOLD at Exercise STRONG CONTENDER   Every
Kid’s Christmas Party 2011Monday, January 16, 2012
On an early Saturday morning on 3 December 2011 the eerie silence of the south west hanger of the Strathcona building was shattered as over 350 parents with their children descended for the annual Kids Christmas party.
Iquique Chile SUEMonday, January 16, 2012
When the rumour floated around that a small detachment of soldiers were going to be sent to Chile for a Small Unit Exchange (SUE), most of us were sceptical to say the least.
The Real Mountain ManMonday, January 16, 2012
Over the past five months I have been walking up and down a hill every day to meet my ANA counterpart. This hill is a baby-hill really, like many found in or around Edmonton.
The Regimental Photo Contest…Proof that Cool Stuff Happens.Thursday, January 12, 2012
Cpl Tom Hume claimed first place, while WO Marv MacNeill took a close second. Third place was conceded following a hard fought deliberation to Capt Varun Vahal.
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